Ex Ilva, when Calenda said no to the re-launch of the second roped party: "Acciaitalia? The serious countries do not change rules in the race"


It was the "best offer" according to the tender parameters and "no worker will be fired". And that raise of Acciaitalia, the loser roped then led by Lucia Morselli that today is in charge of ArcelorMittal, which would have overturned the situation because the technicians had rated his better industrial plan, "was contrary to tender procedures and would have assumed a decree law that would have brought us back to the beginning of the process ".

Thus spoke the then Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, on the day of assignment of theex Ilva to ArcelorMittal because “i Serious countries do not change the rules running or ex post ". A decision, the one on the revival, which was supported by an opinion of theState Attorney. It was the June 2017 and to reread intents today, against the disengagement of the group based in Luxembourg, we would have to smile if there were not about half 11 thousand employees, almost as many in theinduced and a palpable political tension in the majority.

Interviewed by Republic, Calenda assured that the government had done "everything for avoid closing of Ilva and hold together the needs of the work and ofenvironment in a sector strictly regulated by European legislation on state aid. I would add that if Italy had not fought, more than anyone else, in Europe to strengthen them anti-dumping duties on steel, today we would not have offers to choose from ”.

Even more enthusiastic was the minister for the south, Claudio De Vincenti, which from the columns of Messenger let himself go to a statement that reread today is at least imprudent: "The award meets an overall assessment of strength supply in financial and industrial terms ". Then he said it more clearly: "The choice made has all the papers in order for to restart seriously the iron and steel industry ". The re-launch of AcciaItalia had not been taken into consideration because, he observed, “it is not that everyone makes themselves rules at will: the procedure has followed and will continue to strictly follow the rules and rules of law. We owe it to the workers and the citizens first of all ".

These days, Acciaitalia attempted a revival in extremis that was not taken into consideration. The counteroffer provided 600 million euros in addition and substantially equalized the price proposed by ArcelorMittal, the entire consortium, composed of Jindal South West, Delfin, Cassa Depositi and Loans is Arvedi. As a note from the same consortium explained, it was Jindal and Delfin who took "independently the commitments linked to the relaunch" while Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, whose representative was Lucia Morselli, and Arvedi "Do not adhere".

On the other hand, instead, together with ArcelorMittal, in the AmInvestco Italy consortium there were the Marcegaglia group is Banca Intesanpaolo. The proposal for the assignment of commissioners Piero Gnudi, Enrico Laghi and Corrado Carrubba was also endorsed by the Supervisory Committee to end of May. In the "board of auditors" of companies in extraordinary administration – which has advisory function – there were, among others, a representative of Eni, whose president at the time it was already Emma Marcegaglia, and one of Intesanpaolo. The bank avoided sending its representative to the meeting, Eni instead was present and voted in favor. The question was revealed on 9 June 2017 from Ilfattoquotidiano.it.

From the ministry, when things were done, they leaked to Ilfattoquotidiano.it that Calenda "He got angry", yet he had not exercised any kind of moral suasion towards the public company so that he abstained for reasons of opportunity. The issue, over a year later, ended in front of theState Attorney because it was among the questions asked by Luigi Di Maio on legitimacy of the tender process. In the replies, the Attorney will explain that the possible conflict of interest it had been swept away because, on the day of the publication of our article, the Ministry of Economic Development adopted a new decree Ministerial award to ArcelorMittal, confirmatory of that of June 5, following a new meeting of the Supervisory Committee to which Eni's representative did not appear.


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