Ex Ilva: uphill negotiations between the government and Mittal. Commissioners ready to challenge the withdrawal – Monday a new meeting with Conte


the taranto dossier

The tension on the fate of the Apulian plant remains high. And also the concern among the former Ilva suppliers preparing the default of the multinational steel company for overdue and unpaid invoices, related to work performance in the factory

by Domenico Palmiotti

Ex Ilva, Conte: "Solution? I'm not a smoke seller"

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The Prime Minister Conte will review the Mittal Monday, November 11th, at the head of the homonymous multinational of steel, which also reports the former Ilva, to try to avoid their disengagement, moreover already communicated with a series of acts: letter of withdrawal from the contract to the commissioners of the extraordinary administration, summons to the Court of Milan to the same commissioners, start of the procedure of redelivery of the personnel that ArcelorMittal had assumed a year ago, to the extraordinary administration.

Negotiation uphill between government and Mittal
Conte announced the new meeting, also asked by himself to Mittal, in the meetings he had yesterday evening in the Prefecture of Taranto after having been in the factory and having also seen the blast furnace 2, object of dispute between ArcelorMittal and commissioners. Conte departed from the Grottaglie airport at 2.30am on the night of Friday 8 November after having been in the night also in the Tamburi district, the neighborhood very close to the factory. From what was said yesterday evening in the Prefecture, Conte a Mittal will propose a negotiation scheme but the prime minister himself is very skeptical about the real possibility of a step backwards by the multinational that would have made the disengagement a definitive choice.

Meanwhile, in Taranto mount the concern for a series of facts: ArcelorMittal has stopped one of the two agglomeration lines of the iron and steel industry and the companies in the supply industry have issued ArcelorMittal for unpaid bills. In the background another dispute then arises: the commissioners intend to challenge the withdrawal – especially in its consequences of plant shutdown – with an urgent precautionary appeal, ex article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure, to be deposited at the Court of Milan being the headquarters here legal entity of the company.

The effects of the stop on the agglomeration line
«ArcelorMittal has stopped a line of the two agglomeration in the steelworks of Taranto and put in layoff fund about thirty employees ", announces Biagio Prisciano, secretary of Fim Cisl Taranto. For Prisciano, the stop at an agglomeration line, where the materials are prepared for the blast furnaces from which the cast iron comes out, "will progressively have a series of impacts downstream, with the plants stopping one by one.

For now, the three operational blast furnaces are running, 1, 2 and 4, but they are really at a slower pace, "says Prisciano. Also according to industrial sources, a series of ArcelorMittal staff members, brought to Taranto by the multinational, are progressively leaving the city of Puglia.

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