Ex Ilva, the leaders of the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL meet President Mattarella


This evening the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will meet at 3:30 pm the three general secretaries of Cgil, Cisl and Uil al Quirinale. To make it known are union sources. The reason for the meeting is obviously the question of the former Ilva, the will of ArcelorMittal to leave Taranto and more generally the situation of the industrial crises that worry the country.

The climb to the hill by union leaders Maurizio Landini (Cgil), Annamaria Furlan (Cisl) and Carmelo Barbagallo (Uil) is a novelty that indicates how delicate the scenario surrounding the Taranto plant is. The three secretaries would have requested the meeting, due to the urgency given by the situation.

In Taranto

Meanwhile the ArcelorMittal works council met in Taranto. The union delegates are making the point taking into consideration the developments of the last days. First of all the ArcelorMittal summons to the commissioners of the Ilva extraordinary administration for the purpose of withdrawal from the lease contract, but also the procedure for the redelivery of personnel from ArcelorMittal to the companies belonging to the Ilva group and the urgent precautionary appeal of the commissioners to prevent ArcelorMittal from leaving the factory. Not forgetting the intervention of the Milan and Taranto prosecutors after the commissioners Ilva, in their complaints, attributed to the steel multinational behavior harmful to the national economy. The trade unions, with today's works council, also want to see how to prevent the shutdown of the plants that ArcelorMittal has already planned and scheduled.

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