Ex Ilva: strike by ArcelorMittal group workers. Count in the crowd in Taranto: 'I don't have the solution in my pocket' – Chronicle


Conte faces the protest and hopes of environmentalists, workers citizens of Taranto in front of the former Ilva plant. A long strike and response in front of the cameras with the crowd, also made up of moments of tension: "I don't have the solution in my pocket," said the prime minister.
The prime minister asks many of them: "What do you want, the conversion?". But the group that besieges it outside before it can enter the workers has a password: closing. Only someone mentions the possibility of a reconversion, employing for this the workers for the reclamation. Conte claims attention to the environment: "We are working hard for clean energy".

"Closing! Closing!". It was a close encounter, almost a melee, between the Prime Minister, surrounded by Digos agents, and a group of citizens calling for the closure of the Siderurgico and the re-employment of the workers in the reclamations. Conte, who went to the Taranto steel plant to listen to workers and citizens, tried to ease the tension by stroking one of the activists, while others chanted the chorus "Taranto Free! Taranto free". The premier did not evade the comparison and told those with screams that he covered his voice:"you must shut up, you have to make me talk"." We – emphasized the worker Raffaele Cataldi, representative of the Citizens and Free and Thinking Workers Committee – say to take an example from the agreement of program of Genoa. There the area was closed because it was deemed incompatible with human life and was transferred to Taranto. We say to close the polluting sources and re-employ the workers in the reclamations ". And again:"here we get sick and risk our lives because we are not in safety. You have issued decrees after our colleagues died and their wives do not know when they will have justice. "

Conte is participating in the factory council of metalworkers' unions inside the Taranto steel plant after listening to citizens and representatives of movements and associations and having had an interview with the company management. When he entered the factory, Conte was greeted with applause and many handshakes. There are also the confederal territorial secretaries of Cgil, Cisl and Uil and dozens of delegates. "It looks like a university lecture hall," said Conte before handing the microphone to union representatives. The secretary general of the Uilm Antonio asked the premier "to do soon because the plants are marching to a minimum and are destined to be stopped completely without measures" and called for a solution to "safeguard the right to health and the right to work". Rsu coordinator of Fiom Cgil Francesco Brigati said that "in this phase we need politics and science. We have repeatedly asked for industrial policies that do not put health and work in opposition. As far as science is concerned, we have repeatedly asked the Viias, integrated assessment of health and environmental impact to determine whether the production is compatible or not with this territory ".

The former Ilva dossier "is a priority for the government. We must manage it all together, not just the government, but you too. All together we must fight this battle. As a country system ". Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told the ex Ilva works council, which is still in progress. The President of the Council listened to over 200 participants in the works council for over an hour.

At the end of the 48 hours agreed at Palazzo Chigi, Mittal is silent despite government pressure: 'It fulfills its commitments,' says Minister Di Maio at the ANSA Forum. While the Indians of Jindal are called out, they look to Chinese buyers, but they also think about nationalization: 'If the market fails, it's up to the state'says the Apulian Minister of Regions Boccia.

The metalworkers ask "to the company the immediate withdrawal of the retrocession procedure of the business branches and to the government not to grant any alibi to the same to disengage, restoring all the conditions in which the 6 September 2018 agreement was signed which would guarantee the possibility to complete the Environmental Plan in the established deadlines ".

Fim, Fiom and Uilm argue that "the multinational has set provocative and unacceptable conditions and the most serious concern the modification of the Environmental Plan, the reduction of production to four million tons and the request for dismissal of 5,000 workers, in addition to questioning of the return to work of the 2,000 currently in extraordinary administration ".

"The Government speaks of a red alert but has no precise idea of ​​what to do. The company, keeping faith with what is written in the withdrawal letter, is bringing the plants to the minimum of the driving capacity. In these conditions by the end of the month there will be the total stop, including the Afo2. We need to intervene soon ", the general secretary of the Uilm of Taranto, Antonio Talò, told the ANSA, returning to the city after having participated last night at the crisis table convened by the premier Giuseppe Conte.

The Indian group Jindal, meanwhile, denies an interest in the assets of the former Ilva, after ArcelorMittal's retreat. "We strongly deny" read a tweet posted on the group's Twitter channel, the press rumors that "Jindal Steel & Power could renew its interest in the Taranto steel plant". Today 24-hour strike in the ArcelorMittal plants in Taranto.

The M5s leader, Luigi Di Maio, a guest of the ANSA Forum, spoke at length about the story of the former Ilva. According to the minister, the company must be obliged to stay.

Moody's confirms ArcelorMittal's 'Baa3' rating but changes the outlook from 'stable' to 'negative'. The review, a note reads, "reflects the rapid decline in earnings this year in the context of declining demand from the end market and deterioration of steel spreads". "Further downward pressure" on the rating could come "from the inability to execute without friction and in a timely manner the proposed resolution to purchase Ilva".

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