Ex Ilva plants at minimum, requested the extension of the stop for Altoforno 2 | Di Maio: "ArcelorMittal must stay"


Di Maio: "Forcing them to stay" Luigi Di Maio goes on the attack and accuses: "We are talking about Ilva because ArcerloMittal is going back on the word. The old consortium no longer exists: we must force ArcelorMittal to stay in Taranto". And again: "It can happen that an entrepreneur is wrong in the calculations but the charges must be enforced, the bills are not to be paid to the State but remain to the companies". Di Maio recalls that "the State was asked to respect Calenda's contract, now those who ask us to respect it do not respect the agreements. I hope that the sovereigns are moved by pride and do not act as waiters for multinationals". Then, the thrust against the League: "Every time I tried to be tough, the League sided with Arcelor. Now I understand why: they have invested in Arcelor and are still battling for the multinational and not for the workers. We have unmasked the fake sovereignty: we have the only sovranisti in the world that advocate the battles of the multinationals instead of those of citizens and workers ".

Jindal: "We don't renew our interest" The Indian group of Jindal retreats with a tweet from any initiative on the steel plant, which denies interest in the assets of the former Ilva after the withdrawal of ArcelorMittal. "We strongly deny, according to the post published in the group's account, the press rumors that Jindal Street & Power could renew its interest in the Taranto steel plant".

Commissioners: necessary extension to avoid shutdown Meanwhile, the fear of the fate of the plant is rising: the extension requested by the commissioners on the Altoforno 2 would be necessary, to avoid the extinguishing, which otherwise would have to be started after the indicated deadline of December 13th.

The Uilm: "We risk that everything will stop by the end of the month" The unions are very worried, fearing the total stop shortly. "Thursday stopped the AFO4 in a preventive manner – explains the general secretary of the UILM of Taranto Antonio Talò – in view of the strike that we had announced. They also reduced the marching of the belt train and for the AFO2 were already scheduled to stop operations , even if there is a discussion started with the prosecutor's office, after all they had talked about ordering the shutdown of the plants and I believe that they are already operating in this sense. In a few days, in the absence of measures, this plant shutdown will be inevitable. in emergency.The conditions set by Arcelor are unacceptable and if so they must be accompanied to the door.But one cannot wait for the judgment of the appeal announced for the non respect of the contract because the risk is that in the meantime everything stops, without having idea of what actions could be put in place to protect workers' wages ".

Patuanelli: "Nationalizing is not a taboo" Stefano Patuanelli launches the hypothesis of nationalization and in an interview with Repubblica explains: "I don't see why talking about risk. I believe it was historically a mistake to privatize the steel industry, which was a flagship and of which today remains a single plant" . The Minister of Economic Development explains that "at this moment the priority of the government is to ensure that ArcelorMittal respects the commitments made. This is Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and for this I have called Parliament, social forces and all the institutional components of the country to a sense of responsibility that must make the entrepreneur feel the massive presence of the Italian system ".

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