Ex Ilva: p. Preziuso (worker priest), "work that gives dignity is no longer there"


Father Nicola Preziuso lives in the Tamburi district of Taranto, the one near the former Ilva, now in the hands of Arcelor Mittal Italy, for 40 years. And from the same number he follows the workers in the iron and steel industry. "But I am not a chaplain and I want to clarify it – he explains- why as Giuseppini del Murialdo (who by vocation and mission have training and work, ed) we offer voluntary, free support in the steel industry". Father Preziuso with the workers relates inside but above all outside the factory: "The fear today is that of losing one's job, even if then they console themselves thinking" they will give us the integration for 30 years ". The suction to welfare is serious. Our archbishop Santoro also says so, that they cut off their legs from people's hopes. When I talk to mothers they tell me: "my son has gone to Bologna or Milan". Here there is no work and there is resignation towards the Ilva question. Sometimes almost a kind of coldness, as if the problem were of others, not of the community. I have been in the Tamburi district for 40 years. Here we saw the Italsider, with its contradictions, but that it had a relationship with the city, there was the Circolo Vaccarella, for example, in short there were cultural activities. There was also a certain welfarism, and it was the negative face but with the territory it talked. Then with the arrival of the Riva there was a clear cut, with the city that felt the factory more and more distant. This chaotic and confused situation is the crisis of our entire South. The stone of the permanent job continues to keep us crushed and we look for consolation in scratch cards, a money that comes easy ”. For Father Preziuso, "we should reflect much more on the contents of Laudato Si." It is not just a question of thinking about the market. And the people? They do not count? Of course, the factory looks to profit but cannot look only at that. Work as a time to become good Christians and good citizens seems to no longer exist. There is no longer work that gives dignity. Politics should treat all the values ​​at stake, not some with respect to others. Instead now the Tarantini think that one can save oneself alone, one no longer believes in the community. We would like to redeem ourselves from poverty. The South has focused on industrialization as a time of growth and development, instead we find ourselves again starting all over again ".

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