Ex Ilva, how much will the state of ArcelorMittal cost the state?


The termination of the Ilva contract by ArcelorMittal will cost Italy dearly. If on the one hand there is already an internal clash with the majority on the reintegration of the penal shield, which puts at risk the stability of the Government, the abandonment of the multinational will also have consequences on public accounts.

Ilva, the Government's plan

According to Mario Turco, undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi with responsibility for economic planning, to revive the Taranto Ilva there is a need for a fund of 2 or 3 billion euros to be provided over 4-6 years. This is true whether Mittal is present or not.

To achieve the fund would be necessary both public and European accounts, but still Brussels did not beat blow. The aim would be to innovate the steel plant by applying hydrogen to steel production.

Already in the budget law, an initial extraordinary fund of 5-10 million euros will be set up to support workers in extraordinary administration.

However, the Government does not seem to want to let ArcelorMittal go so easily. The President of the Council Giuseppe Conte, speaking to the workers in Taranto, he announced "a very bloody battle" with the company.

How much Mittal's withdrawal from Ilva will cost each year

Whether the EU intervenes or not, as it has already done in Austria, Sweden and Germany, the annual costs for Italy will be included between 585 million and 835 million euro, according to an estimate by Sole24Ore.

The least expensive option basically involves the collapse of the factory, with all the employees of the Taranto, Novi Ligure and Cornigliano facilities at layoffs. With an average cost for the public accounts of 25,770 euros for each of the 10,777 employees, plus the expenses of the other 6,000 workers in the induced and their conversion, here we come to 585 million euros.

The other figure is instead foreseen for the commissioner of the factory with the aim of identifying a productive specialization that maintains it in surplus in line with current market conditions.

To achieve these goals, according to Paolo Bricco, 6 thousand employees and around 500 million euro of public funds could suffice. To these must be added nearly 350 million for the redundancy fund of the 5,000 employees remaining outside Ilva and of the 6,000 linked to the induced, including their redevelopment, for a total of about 835 million euros.

Count in Taranto: "I have no solutions in my pocket"

During the meeting with the Taranto workers, Conte let slip an important phrase: "I have no solutions in my pocket". "The question ofcriminal immunity is a false problem, goes away with the awareness of the tarantini's impossible choice ”.

Many asked him to close the plant and decontamination of the area, another cost necessary to protect the health of inhabitants and workers that would affect the state coffers.

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