Ex Ilva, Di Maio: "M5s is against the return of the penal shield. If the majority submits the amendment without agreement it is a problem"


"We as M5s we do not agree with the introduction of the shield"For the former Ilva. While the unions in strike strike the alarm and say that the company "is already stopping the ovens" and when the 48 hours of reflection proposed by the premier are about to expire Giuseppe Conte, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio insists that the 5 stars do not agree with the return of immunity for the company. The President of the Council in recent days has already reiterated several times that the criminal shield, which had been removed by Parliament, "is not the problem", but only an excuse put forward by the company. "If this is the case, we can solve it in a few hours," he told Door-to-Door yesterday. The Pd, and in particular the parent company Graziano Delrio, has repeatedly said that it is ready to submit an amendment to the tax decree. On this hypothesis Di Maio, interviewed at the forum of the ANSA, says he is strongly displeased: "The League that takes care of its interests on the stock exchange presents an amendment, but even the majority parties present it without an agreement. it is a problem of the majority itself". A declaration that reveals the strong tensions within the government, despite Conte's call for the parties to be "compact" in such a delicate moment.

Di Maio, however, criticized those who, like Matteo Renzi in the umpteenth interview with the Republic, warned the majority about the return to the polls and continued to express doubts about Conte's leadership. "I think of the citizens who open the newspaper and read these things," he commented, "say things clearly, speak clearly to the public. When you have a public role you need to be at the service of citizens and do not feed debates on matters of the building ”. On the premier Conte Renzi he limited himself to saying that "there is no certainty of tomorrow", recalling his declarations of the weekend that put Conte premier in doubt. Secondo Di Maio "this way you lose sight of the goal and you start talking in politichese about matters of the building. This causes us to lose confidence in the State ".

Di Maio, always interviewed by Ansa and always talking about the Ilva case, also attacked the Carroccio: “The State was asked to respect Calenda's contract, now whoever asks us to respect it does not respect the agreements. I hope that the sovereigns are moved by pride and are not waiters for multinationals ". And in particular, he made accusations about the past government experience: "Every time I tried to be tough, the League sided with Arcelor. Now I understand why: they have invested in Arcelor and are still battling for the multinational and not for the workers. We have exposed fake sovereignty. We have the only sovranisti in the world that advocate the battles of the multinationals instead of the citizens and the workers ".


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