Ex Ilva, Conte's plan for ArcelorMittal: three points to convince the company


"At the moment the way to deal with ArcelorMittal on redundancies is the priority: the State can take on a larger redundancy fund, but on the condition that the Indians return to the negotiating table, since we are also willing to review the conditions with one discount on the rental price of the company ». Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said this to the former commissioners of the former Ilva and could return to confront the leaders of Mittal tomorrow, based on what he himself has reported. Conte a Mittal will propose a negotiating scheme that would provide more favorable conditions for the multinational, the restoration of the criminal shield with peace of mind of Luigi Di Maio's abdomen and the Movement, the possibility of an intervention in financial time of the State – through Cdp or in other ways – with a minority stake.

Conte left from Taranto on Friday night at two, after visiting the suburbs most affected by pollution: "I came out touched, very excited, but I made the right choice", was his budget with the staff, after a impromptu night press conference in the middle of the street. «I visited all the plants, to see the production cycle, I also saw family members of deceased people, we all have faults, politics, institutions, unfortunately this is a wounded community in which a rift has been created between the right to work and the right to health, it is a blackmail that cannot be accepted, the problem is that any productive investment must have a sustainable cost from the social point of view. I looked at the anger and disappointment in my face, I visited the Tamburi district, I was struck by a worker who told me that in many years not even a tree was planted here».

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Ilva of Taranto, why ArcelorMittal leaves? What are the future scenarios? Questions and answers
How much does the former Ilva lose? Have things improved with respect to the management of commissioners?

Conte says again: "We have to work with the whole Italian system, I am not a smoke seller, I am not a superman, if I had a solution in my pocket I would have already carried it. Here there is una environmental and social tragedy and this community, and from here we must start again, we must offer an opportunity for redemption and we must resolve the situation with a control room 24 hours a day for guarantee all the rights that are at stake, with the whole Italian system, not only with the government. I am very struck by the social and dramatic blackmail of people who go to work and feel guilty towards their families, towards their children ».

In this way, the Prime Minister also traces the decision to go to Taranto: «It was very touching and useful to talk with the workers before entering the factory. It allowed me to face the visit also having awareness of all the negative externalities that are connected to the production plant. Inside I wanted to visit the roof, I tried to understand how the entire production cycle works, from the iron ores that are dumped in the port, to the transformation into cast iron and then into steel, with slab profiling and passing through warehouses ready for the shipment. I stopped to talk to a couple of hundred workers: I listened to them for a long time to catch their anguish, worries, hopes. I acquired a lot of information and experienced many emotions. From Carla who lost a fifteen-year-old son, to Alessandro worried about the waste that is under the Hills near the schools. Already this morning I began to study the Taranto dossier even more thoroughly, with even greater determination than before. I am sure that by working together in the same direction and gathering together the best that the country can offer, we will succeed in offer Taranto the right prospect of redemption and sustainable growth it deserves ».

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