Ex Ilva, Conte: "We will defend 9 thousand families". Patuanelli: "Arcelor prepares goodbye for some time". Wednesday the return to the commissioners


The announcement of ArcelorMittal of wanting to return the keys of the establishments of theIlva unleashes everyone against everyone in the political world. Waiting for the premier to come face to face Giuseppe Conte and the managing director Lucia Morselli, scheduled on Wednesday at 11 am, the distinctions of the majority while the opposition is clamoring that the Prime Minister go to the Chamber to report urgently on the crisis of the former Ilva of Taranto, which he has reported in the balance over 10 thousand workers and makes theinduced. "A contract and tomorrow we will be inflexible on the compliance with commitments"Was Conte's message on the eve of the meeting with the company. He then added: "They participated in a tender with public evidence and in Italy the rules are respected. We will defend the 9 thousand families and the induced one ".

Meanwhile, the steel industry giant has informed the unions that Wednesday the process to return the plants will start and has already delivered to Court of Milan there verification request of the reasons for withdrawal. "A quote 37 pages long, with 37 attachments and signed by 7 lawyers. It shows that they had been preparing for goodbye for weeks, perhaps months, ”commented the minister M5s Stefano Patunaelli which accuses ArcelorMittal of having "wrong business plan" with "macroscopic vertex errors". In short, behind the structured move of the French-Indian steel giant, the owner of the Economical progress sees a strategy designed before the alternation between Mathieu Jehl and Morselli, entered the control room on 15 October.

Waiting for the redde rationem with the company, it is the political controversy that keeps the bank at bay labor unions go towards one "mobilization" to Taranto, where in the morning the factory council and in the afternoon Morselli met the delegates that, according to trade union sources, they were informed of the company's intention to start the procedure by which it returns the plants to the extraordinary administration on Wednesday which will involve, downstream, the termination of fixed-term contracts of workers with ArcelorMittal. "They told us that – the territorial secretary of Uilm stressed Antonio Talò – that tomorrow will follow the announced procedure for the return of the plant to extraordinary commissioners and that until the last minute in which they will not only be here the workers will pay but they will continue to carry out the preparatory operations for the maintenance of the plant. We believe in it little ”. For Talò, the start of the restitution is a "sign that their decision has already been made".

The Democratic party is Italy Viva meanwhile they announced that they were ready to present amendments for the reintroduction of the criminal shield, finding a bank in the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, asks to return to the expected norm and then abolished in the Save-Business Decree. But behind the reasons most argued by the multinational, there remains the crisis of steel market that provokes 2 million euros of losses per day in the Taranto plant. Between old plants, prescriptions and falling demand, ArcelorMittal is in the red and the announcement of disengagement is read by many as a violent move to try to force the government to bargain new agreement that foresees less busy (currently they are 10,700, 1,260 of which in layoff fund ordinary) and a rental fee lighter.

In the background, the idea of Matteo Renzi – relaunched by some newspapers – to bring back the loser consortium in the 2017 race, the one made up of Jindal, Arvedi, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Leonardo Del Vecchio's financial Delfin. For the former prime minister, “none of us gives birth but if we arrive for the Italian standards to obtain the withdrawal, being Mittal the first of the race, we go to ask the second which is already there, it is not a cordata invented by us ”. In reality, the offer presented at the time is no longer valid and the consortium Acciaitalia which gathered the participants of the consortium was dissolved.

So that Alessia Morani, former Pasdaran Renziana and now Undersecretary for Economic Development, tweeted: "Just for news: those who talk about Acciaitalia (formed by the consortium CDP, Jindal, Arvedi and Del Vecchio) would like to remind you that, in due time, was removed from the business register ". Moreover, according to European standards, the reassignment of the Ilva group should pass through one European tender. Salvo ad hoc measures. "My interlocutor is ArcelorMittal, not Jindal", he cut short Conte to those who asked him about the "plan B".

The Indians who led the roped party, among other things, have in the meantime acquired the ex Lucchini of Piombino, taking over from the Algerians of Cevital. Even there, in the 2014, had been defeated but were later recalled after the nothingness produced by Issad Rebrab. Jw Steel has entered the Tuscan steelworks for over a year, but i labor unions they had recently pointed out to Ilfattoquotidiano.it as at the moment you continue to miss a industrial plan. And in the meantime remain in layoff fund (just renewed for 24 months) approx 1,600 workers.


19.50 – Morani: “The old consortium? It no longer exists "
"Just for news: to those who talk about Acciaitalia (formed by the consortium CDP, Jindal, Arvedi and Del Vecchio) I would like to remind you that, at the time, it was removed from the register of companies", the undersecretary for Economic Development, Alessia Morani, tweeted , in what appears to be an answer to Matteo Renzi, of which it has been very faithful.

19 – The unions: "Decision already taken"
The CEO of ArcelorMittal Italy Lucia Morselli confirmed to the general secretaries of Fim, Fiom, Uilm and Usb, during a meeting that took place this afternoon in the Tarantino plant, the will to withdraw from the contract for the acquisition of the factory already expressed yesterday. The same unions made it known at the end of the meeting: "They told us that – the territorial secretary of the UILM Antonio Talò said – that tomorrow will follow up the procedure announced for the return of the plant to extraordinary commissioners and that until the last minute in which they will be here not only will they pay the workers but will continue to carry out the preparatory operations for maintaining the plant. We believe in it little ”. The fact that they start tomorrow with "the procedure of the art. 47 announced – says the trade unionist – it is like a signal that their decision has already been taken. We asked Dr. Morselli if the die is cast and diplomatically told us that it is not for her to answer. At present it is still not ".

18.45 – Company pulls straight forward: forward process to return the plant
Arcelor Mittal would have reiterated its wish to leave the plant and start the procedure by which it returns the Ilva plants to the controlled administration tomorrow. This is explained by union sources after the meeting in Taranto between the ad Lucia Morselli and the territorial unions of Fim Cisl, Fiom Cigl and Uilm. During the meeting with Morselli "we were told that at the moment, with regard to the issues of the environmental plan and the maintenance that the plant needs, they will continue to keep their commitments until they remain", said Biagio Prisciano of Fim Cisl , stressing that the procedure for returning the plant to the commissioners "could be done later, but Morselli stated that tomorrow the meeting with Prime Minister Conte would also be important".

18 – Lezzi: "I thank the League, shield abolished thanks to them"
"I know that different paths can be taken, but without going back on what Parliament has decided twice, once with the League and once with the PD". The former minister for the South told the Senate Barbara Lezzi regarding the criminal immunity for criminal remediation to Arcelor Mittal. "I have always been against immunity and I thank the League because thanks to them we have abolished the shield. My position has never changed, "added Lezzi.

17.10 – Renzi: "We with the premier but we remove alibi of the shield"
"#Ilva. We remove Mittal's alibi and we are ready on a penal shield (eliminated from the previous Government). But when Conte says that Mittal MUST honor the contract, we're with the prime minister. If he withdraws, Mittal pays, not the state. We are with job seekers, not with those seeking visibility. " So on Twitter Matteo Renzi.

17 – Informative Thursday for Patuanelli in the Senate
On Thursday, the Minister for Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, will be in the Senate hall at 4.30pm for "information on the Ilva situation". This was announced by the current president of Palazzo Madama, Roberto Calderoli.

4.15pm – Messina (Banca Intesa): "Important to find agreement"
On the case of ArcelorMittal that intends to abandon the former Ilva of Taranto because the tax shield has disappeared "it is much better to wait a few days to understand what is being accessed". This was stated by the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, Carlo Messina, responding to a question about the financial assets of the steel group. "It is very important that at this stage some kind of agreement can be found between ArcelorMittal and the government, they are committed to negotiating for an agreement," Messina adds. Intesa was in the ArcelorMittal consortium in the tender phase.

15.40 – Bonelli: "Nothing has been done in 7 years"
"After 7 years from the date of the seizure of the plant, which took place on 26 July 2012, nothing was solved: the remediations were not made and the plants were not secured. However, 12 Ilva saving decrees were approved which suspended the constitutional rights of the Tarantine population: a mess was made that has political responsibilities in those political leaders, yesterday ministers and heads of government, who today are accusing each other in various capacities ", this is the national coordinator of the Greens Angelo Bonelli. "It is a huge lie to those who say that Mittal risks being responsible for others, because there is no need for immunity to protect Mittal from crimes that were committed in the past and therefore not from her: our order on this is clear, "he emphasizes.

3.20 pm – Former minister Ronchi: "Taking away the shield is giving alibis"
"I don't if Arcelor Mittal was looking for a pretext to withdraw from the former Ilva or not. However, having removed the legal shield, he offered her an alibi which he then immediately used. He probably also has other drawings, this one understands, on the request for 5,000 redundancies. I would not have done that favor there. " This was stated by Edo Ronchi, former Environment Minister and former subcommissario at the Ilva of Taranto, on the sidelines of the States General of the Green Economy, at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini.

14.51 – All parliamentary groups ask Conte to report
All parliamentary groups have asked the House to state that the government is reporting on the situation of the former Ilva. Vice President Maria Edera Spadoni announced that the House presidency has already made a request to this effect presented yesterday by Iv to the government, which has not yet communicated when it will report.

14.37 – Patuanelli: "Prepared goodbye for some time"
"Last night, a writ of summons against the Extraordinary Commissioners was filed by Arcelor Mittal at the Court of Milan, signed by seven lawyers and comprising 37 pages and 37 attachments. This demonstrates that for weeks, perhaps months, the company was preparing to abandon the area ". This was underlined by the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, in a post on Facebook. "Arcelor Mittal has decided to leave Taranto, as yesterday's letter shows, even before the restructuring of the company's governance. The task of the new CEO and the new executives is to ferry the Indian property out of the plant, "he adds. "The business plan of the company has been disregarded in the numbers, disregarded in the prospect of recovery and – explains the minister – has no future projection. This is due to macroscopic errors of the top figures and macroeconomic contingencies linked to the steel market: duties, Germany's production decline, automotive slowdown at the international level ”.

2.20 pm – Gualtieri: "Do everything to save it"
"I think a serious country should do everything possible and necessary to avoid what would be a dramatic negative outcome." The Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, said this during the hearing on the tax bill, answering questions from deputies on the situation of the former Ilva. "I liked the title of a newspaper that mentioned the words of the now ex-ECB president Mario Draghi: whatever it takes …".

14.15 – The bishop of Taranto: "Disaster comes from afar"
"This disaster comes from afar. Thirty years ago, John Paul II came to Taranto and said: "The alarm bell rang. The Pope indicated production not to the detriment of man, alternative development plans, he had said 30 years ago. The fact is that we have been caring for a long time. There was a lack of foresight on the part of politics, of the company, because at that time Riva was already beginning, having only thought about making steel and not having a positive relationship with the environment and the city ", he said said the bishop of Taranto Filippo Santoro.

14.05 – Conte: "We will defend 9 thousand families and induced"
At the former Ilva "there are not only 9,000 families at stake but there is a lot more involved. We will do everything to defend productive investments and this community of people who also work in related industries ". President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, said this on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Milan Polytechnic academic year.

14 – Marcucci: "Conte comes to Parliament"
"In the next few hours, the PD will file an urgent request for information to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the ex Ilva issue. We believe that the president should come to report in Parliament the next session or anyway in a short time ”. This was announced by the president of the senators Pd Andrea Marcucci. “We remind the Premier – Marcucci emphasizes – that the Senate has approved an agenda that commits the Government to guarantee, quickly and by any appropriate action for these purposes, the permanence of the productive activity of the iron and steel complex of the former Ilva di Taranto, also guaranteeing, in this way, the safeguarding of direct employment levels and those related to the induced one ”.

13:55 – Zingaretti: "Do not unload on workers"
"The cost of uncertainty on industrial policies cannot be relieved, once again, on workers and cannot jeopardize the industrial conversion and health and environmental protection of a community". This was underlined by Nicola Zingaretti in a note. "At the same time, Arcelor Mittal does not find alibis about a business plan and an environmental plan that must be respected, re-launching the site and carrying out the promised remediation measures. The polluter pays, but whoever has to implement an environmental plan cannot be held criminally liable for past and not his responsibilities. We will propose parliamentary initiatives in this sense ".

13.40 – Palombella (Uilm): "Masterpiece of politics"
"We are facing a dramatic situation, a great masterpiece of politics. And it has been done scientifically; we wanted to put the plant in a position to stop giving ArcelorMittal the book to resume dictating the conditions ". Thus the Uilm leader, Rocco Palombella, on the sidelines of the restart of the negotiation on the renewal of the metalworkers' contract, comments on the situation after ArcelorMittal's decision to leave the ownership of the former Ilva group's factories following the Parliamentary vote which he suppressed, with Dl salvo enterprises, criminal immunity for the heads of the multinational.

13.26 – King David (Fiom): "Remove giant alibi"
"I find that the government has provided the Ex Ilva with a giant alibi on compliance with the agreement. A giant alibi. And not offering a certain picture is an element that is the opposite of industrial policy. A certain legislative framework is a necessity: to launch an immunity that was not permanent because it would follow the environmental schedule and remove it just 2 months later and claim that this has no meaning, I find it was really a very big own goal by the government ", so the Fiom leader, Francesca King David.

13.16 – Count: "Jindal? Our interlocutor is Arcelor "
"Tomorrow I will meet the company management, I will not meet Jindal. Our interlocutor is who is now and who must respect the contractual commitments ". The president of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, said this to those who asked him about the rumors that Matteo Renzi would be in contact with the Jindal group for a new consortium for the former Ilva.

13.15 – Tomorrow garrison of the workers in Taranto
The meeting of the Factory Council called urgently yesterday by Fim Cisl-Fiom Cgil and Uilm Uil of Taranto to decide the possible mobilizations following the announcement of Arcelor Mittal to withdraw from the rental contract of the former Ilva steel plant of the Ionian capital. Considering that there are important meetings scheduled in the next few hours and open questions (in the afternoon a company-trade union meeting is scheduled and tomorrow the meeting in Rome with the president of the council Giuseppe Conte), the unions have decided that the works council remains united in permanently while there will be a garrison of workers next to the company management in the morning. "Obviously if updates were to arrive today or tomorrow, further initiatives are not excluded," Biagio Prisciano, assistant secretary of the FIM CISL of Taranto-Brindisi, explains to Adnkronos.

13.03 – Delrio: "Pd ready amendment for return to shield"
"First come the workers. We have already prepared an amendment to return to the previous situation in ex-Ilva and remove any pretext from anyone ". Graziano Delrio, the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber of Deputies, commented on the announcement by Arcelor Mittal of abandoning the former Ilva plant in Taranto.

12.57 – Patuanelli: "There are no clauses on the penal shield"
"There is no withdrawal clause linked to the so-called penal shield. There is a withdrawal clause in case the environmental plan changes (DPCM 29 September 2017, which integrated and modified another 2014 DPCM), something that never happened. There is no implicit or explicit reference to criminal immunity in the elements of the agreement and the contract ". Thus stated Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development.

12.55 – EU Commission: "Private decision, no comment"
The decision to withdraw from the management of the former Ilva of Taranto announced by the Arcelor Mittal steel group "is the decision of a private company", therefore the European Commission "has no comment to make". Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said during a press briefing in Brussels.

12.51 – Count: "We will be inflexible"
"A contract has been stipulated and tomorrow we will be adamant about meeting commitments by meeting Arcelor Mittal". The president of the council Giuseppe Conte has said it adding that "they have participated in a competition with public evidence and in Italy the rules are respected".

12.46 – Salvini: "Ready to vote amendment that saves seats"
"If the government brings a useful measure to save jobs, it will have the support of the League. This is our commitment. "Thus the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, at the demonstration in Naples. "But if the government goes on clinging to codicils, we will be barricaded in Parliament – added Salvini – we are not joking with the work of 10 thousand people".

12.40 – In the afternoon I meet Taranto workers with the CEO
Today at 5 pm the metalworkers' unions will meet ArcelorMittal's managing director Lucia Morselli in the Taranto steel plant. It is learned from union sources on the sidelines of the unitary works council which is taking place in the presence of the delegates of Fim, Fiom and Uilm. The comparison was requested by the trade unions themselves after the communication of the company that requested the termination of the lease for the purchase.

12.25 – ArcelorMittal applies to the Court
The request to the Court of Milan to ascertain the reasons that led the steel multinational to withdraw from the contract for the lease and acquisition of the former Ilva group's plants was filed this night by the ArcelorMittal top management. This is what Adnkronos learns the day after ArcelorMittal announced its withdrawal from the contract or its resolution following the agreement signed in 2018.

12 – Fraccaro: "Unjustified withdrawal"
"The government does not accept ultimatums. We believe that the withdrawal is not justified, as stated by the company instead. The government immediately convened the social partners and the company itself, will meet them and then take its decisions. " Thus Riccardo Fraccaro, undersecretary of state to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, on the sidelines of the Ecomondo ribbon-cutting ceremony, today in Rimini.

11.54 – Costa: "The environment has nothing to do with farewell"
Regarding the world of the environment, explains Minister Costa, "if ArcelorMittal signed an environmental addendum to the environmental plan freely and convection a little over a year ago and they are doing it, even with a minimum of advance, I can't believe that a company with a planetary dimension like ArcelorMittal in one year and another then changes its mind. It seems original to me. So what's the real motivation? "" As long as you respect the environmental plan you don't have to worry about having or not having criminal immunity. They are respecting it, they are just anticipating it, so the criminal immunity for environmental aspects has no reason to be, ”concludes Costa.

11.39 – Financial sources: "Cdp commitment is boutade"
The hypothesis of a group that sees the entry of Cassa and Depositi e Prestiti is a ‘boutade’. To exclude this possibility are financial sources contacted by the Adnkronos, in reference to news according to which the former Premier Matteo Renzi, would be at work for an alternative that would replicate the consortium, taken against ArcelorMittal, with the Indians of Jindal, Arvedi and Cdp. "There is absolutely nothing," the same sources report, highlighting that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which is not a fund to save companies, from statute cannot intervene in rescue operations of companies in crisis.

11.35 – Renzi: "Amendment for new shield"
"The problem is that I think Mittal wants to go and is looking for pretexts." This was stated by Matteo Renzi on e-news. "The problem here is to see if anyone wants to shut down Taranto to get a potential competitor out of the way. It is a risk that many have evoked since the time of the race, in 2017. But precisely for this reason I believe that we can easily recover the question of the criminal shield even with an amendment to the tax law that is about to arrive in Parliament (the colleague Lella Paita and many of us will sign it ").

11.33 – Taranto workers towards mobilization
The factory council convened urgently by Fim, Fiom and Uilm last night is underway at the Taranto steel plant, following the communication by ArcelorMittal to terminate the rental agreement with acquisition of Ilva Spa and some subsidiaries. There is tension between workers who fear immediate repercussions after the announcement of the ad Lucia Morselli of the progressive suspension of production, starting with the hot zone. Pending forms of mobilization are pending the confrontation between the government and the company.
"We are facing – say the secretaries of the unions – a real blackmail by the multinational and a lack of planning of industrial policies by the government that continues to not address a hot topic like the environmental, occupational and industrial future of Taranto and around noon ”.

11.32 – Landini: "Return immunity"
"The government must remove all alibis from Arcelor Mittal, applying the agreement that was signed at the time. It is necessary for the government to return to what was agreed in early September, that is to the logic that Arcelor Mittal cannot be blamed for things that may concern those who managed the company before her ”. This was said by the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, speaking at Radio Anch'io of the Ilva case, clearly responding "yes" to the dry question if immunity should be restored.

11.31 – Buffagni: "The shield is an excuse"
"The Ilva problem was in the air, we are now working to protect employment and the environment." This was stated by the deputy minister for economic development Stefano Buffagni, arriving at the Milan fair for the inauguration of the 77th edition of Eicma, the world motorcycling fair. "The judicial shield – he added – was removed because in this country the parliament is sovereign, the multinationals are not sovereign and therefore a choice has been made but today it is used as an excuse because the company loses more than a million and half a day during production due to the lack of demand and are therefore looking for a scapegoat. We must address the issue because we believe that the dignity of work, the protection of the environment and also respect for contracts are fundamental ”. "Tomorrow President Conte has summoned Arcelor Mittal to Palazzo Chigi – concluded Buffagni – we will tackle the issue seriously because we are talking about a fundamental sector for the country".

11.03 – Calenda: "Pack of amateurs, scoundrels"
"These are a bunch of amateurs who never worked outside politics, don't know what a factory is, they don't know what it costs to do it, what it costs to keep it. The right word is scoundrels ”. Thus Carlo Calenda, MEP of Siamo Europei and former minister of economic development, interviewed by Simone Spetia and Maria Latella Calenda at 24 Mattino su Radio 24, commented on the moves of the majority that led to ArcelorMittal's decision to withdraw from the former Ilva. "The criminal shield was removed because at a certain point the PD, after putting the criminal shield, decided to please Barbara Lezzi and 15 senators of the 5 Star Movement, so we risk losing the largest European steelworks, the largest noon plant, the largest 4.2 billion investor for 40 years. I don't know if this seems like a thing to do, I worked 3 years to get this investor to Taranto ”.

9.57 – Sled meeting with Count-ArcelorMittal
It will be held tomorrow at 11 in Palazzo Chigi, as we learn, the meeting between the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte and the top management of ArcelorMittal. At the center the decision of the multinational to leave the former Ilva group plants acquired in 2018, following the decision of the Parliament to abolish the immunity from penal charges against the company's directors.

9.28 – Confindustria: "Instability makes investors run away"
"The constant changes in regulations, the interventions with a straight leg on criminal laws, the instability of the framework not only do not attract investments but make those who are there escape." Thus the Confindustria CEO, Marcella Panucci, on the sidelines of the hearing on the tax bill. "The Ilva affair is emblematic and follows a decision made in Parliament in recent weeks to revoke one of the qualifying points of the contract that the investor had signed with the Italian state. I hope that those who have to understand what the consequences of unreasonable and unmediated choices are ”.


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