Ex Ilva, Confindustria at Palazzo Chigi: "Use common sense, companies do not finance unemployment"


Vincenzo Boccia lift your shot starting fromIlva to get to the node of the business crisis management and raises a fuss. The president of Confindustria asked the executive "common sense and seriousness", Inviting Palazzo Chigi not to expect that in front of"economic crises companies must maintain i employment levels, then finance unemployment. So we make a huge mistake. "

The number one of the industrialists then said that "if there is one economic crisis linked to steel, it is useless to pretend that it is not there. We must understand how to manage this phase allowing to build, as happens in all the companies of the world ”. So the point: i social safety nets as the redundancy fund “which are activated in negative economic moments of the companies. The point is create development in that territory, build other job opportunities, but not substitute, complementary ones. If the former Ilva withdraws due to the international situation, each company must have a short-term flexibility ".

In general, according to the president of Confindustria, “this government has created the cause and should solve it in one business logic. The opportunity was given to find a alibi to build a much bigger issue that from an environmental point of view it has become potentially economic and social and we hope that this can be put on the right track ”, he added, speaking on Tele Nord's microphones on the sidelines of an event in Genoa on Saturday. "Nationalize? The problem is who pays. This government should start thinking about what the effects on the real economy and on the society of some choices. We need to take responsibility and have the sense of limit. The country must attract and retain investors but has the ability to make them run away, "he concluded.

But the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, there is not and the ball returns on the contingent question, branding Boccia's words as "meaningless: there is an agreement to be enforced, signed a year ago, which includes commitments". According to the former Fiom leader, moreover, "they are not temporary market drops that change strategic plans that provide 4 billion in investments. Those agreements must be respected: and he too should ask the multinational to respect our country, and to respect the agreements. I believe that reliability in respect of agreements is a rule of the social parties ".

For its part, the former prime minister Paolo Gentiloni Saturday on the sidelines of the Festival 4.0 Citta Impresa of Bergamo, he claimed the goodness of the agreement with ArcelorMittal. "I think that in that context it was certainly the best possible agreement and I share the current commitment of the government to push for those conditions not to be betrayed or disowned," he underlined. "We had made an agreement, we had a race that was won by ArcelorMittal: within the negotiation with those who won the race in which the trade unions also participated, some conditions were set," he added, stressing how "In these matters the pacts must be respected: this concerns both the ArcelorMittal group and the Italian institutions".


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