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A tense comparison, to understand if the future of the Taranto steel plant will be branded Arcelor Mittal. The owners of the steel giant, Lakshimi Mittal and their son Aditya, have long treated Friday evening with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, flanked by the Economy Ministers Roberto Gualtieri and Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli. Before the meeting, Conte underlined that he could not accept a disengagement from Mittal over the management of the Apulian site. "We have not promoted the judicial battle which, I have always said, is a defeat for all", underlined Conte, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the academic year of the High School of Police, before the meeting. To then add, as a lawyer, that in the courts the reaction will be very harsh, asking for exorbitant compensation.Conte and his team tried to understand the real intentions of the Mittals: is it possible to block their request to withdraw from the contract? By reintroducing the penal shield, could one be treated again? The next, even more important, node is on employment: can the 5,000 redundancies discussed above be avoided? The executive has already prepared a draft of the 'Taranto decree', which could reintroduce criminal immunity and possibly stem the employment emergency with a massive recourse to social safety nets. While politics tries to unravel these knots, in the judicial classrooms the clash is opened on several fronts. "We are told clearly in relation to the commitments made which is Mittal's position, from there we will leave," said Conte before starting the negotiation marathon.

Ex ilva, the commissioners' appeal against Arcelor Mittal

Meanwhile, in Taranto, the carabinieri of the Noe, of the Nucleus on occupational safety in Rome and of the local provincial command carried out an inspection in the former Ilva plant. The investigations of the Taranto prosecutors point to the hypothesis of a crime of destruction of means of production and embezzlement. In Milan, instead, the investigators hypothesize the crimes of distraction of assets from bankruptcy and informative manipulation. The Milanese prosecutor's office, in particular, argues that the disappearance of the shield would be used as an excuse to request the cessation of activities. In short, Arcelor Mittal would have already planned the closure of the plant, blocking the procurement of raw materials.

From Castelvetrano, in Sicily, the political leader M5S Luigi Di Maio used the news arrived from the Milanese prosecutors to claim that "ArcelorMittal wants to leave and has the wrong business plan: this thing of the shield was obviously a lie", also because "ArcelorMittal is leaving also Poland and South Africa and there the shield was not there ".

Arcelor Mittal, blitz of the finance guard in the steelworks of Taranto and in the Milan office: "Pilot crisis hypothesis"

Next Wednesday, the court in Milan will hold a hearing on the use of the request for withdrawal made by the French-Indian giant. Arcelor Mittal points the finger at the legislative provision that removed the criminal shield, arguing that the contract signed in recent months explicitly provides that a change of laws may constitute an element to disengage. It is possible that the confrontation with Mittal may continue in the coming days, in parallel with the judicial developments. If Arcelor Mittal's farewell were to materialize, the Government could implement a temporary nationalization, with the aim of maintaining production continuity.

"In the former Ilva, resources to the minimum": the report of the commissioners after the inspection in the plant

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