Ex Ilva and beyond: what divides M5S and Pd into 5 points


1/6 tensions in the majority

by Andrea Carli

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Nicola Zingaretti, PDe Secretary Luigi Di Maio, leader M5S (Agf)

The last distances within the majority born following Matteo Salvini's August tear have emerged in the last hours. Tense hours, which recorded the confrontation between the Count two on one side and the steel giant Arcelor Mittal on the future of the former Ilva. An arm-wrestling match that was accompanied by an entirely internal match, which was played in parallel between the two majority shareholders of Count two.

On the one hand the Pd (but also Italia Viva, more skeptical LeU), ready to support the restoration of the penal shield for the heads of the multinational; on the other hand the Five Stars against. But the one on the former Ilva is not the only distance that emerged between Dem and pentastellati. They range from the theme of migrants, with the changes announced to the security decrees registered by the former Minister of the Interior in line with the Quirinale surveys but which have not yet taken shape, to the Budget Bill, to the fiscal link to the maneuver, to the electoral law What will be. In short, there are more than one divisive dossier.

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