Ex-Ilva, an investigation on Taranto has been broadcast that has tarnished the rhetoric against the government and M5s


To understand how the last episode of the formal announcement of the farewell by ArcelorMittal has been treated by the so-called "great information", in perfect continuity with the previous chapters of the narrative of the tragedy Ilva, it would be enough to consider that, in this crucial week, the only reconstruction based on the facts and testimonies of environmental disaster infinite (and still ongoing a Taranto) was transmitted by Rai 2 on November 7th at 11 pm, after four days of so-called news and in-depth analysis from which the words "poisons", "toxic gases", "environmental contamination", "deaths" and "cancer" were rigorously banned.

Finally the formidable amount of rhetoric, exploitation and hypocrisy – aimed above all at further discrediting the current government and nailing down the M5s to alleged inexcusable responsibility (for having induced ArcelorMittal to get rid of Taranto following the revocation of the “criminal shield") -, has been at least scratched by the movie documentary Ilva. Tight-lipped of Stefano Maria Bianchi is Cristiano Leuti.

An investigation based on a large amount of documentation and in direct contact where the irrefutable images of one are speaking catastrophe uninterrupted; patient testimonials oncologic more and more in line in front of the pharmacies that have multiplied; the alarms that fell into the void launched for years by paediatricians and confirmed by clinical examinations; the complaints of environmentalists who have collected dossiers on the mix of poisons that are still propagated from the factory in the air, in the surrounding lands, in the aquifers and in the sea where abusive mussel farms thrive.

There are stories of isolation, solitude and often also of boycott towards those who denounced: how did theex boss of the Ilva chemical laboratory, which told of the "cheerful analyzes", of the piloted documents to be shown in the control and who also had the audacity to repeat his accusations before the magistrates of "undersold environment". And there are places that can be even more eloquent than any complaint to reveal the system of hypocrisy and connivance in the name of the supreme interest of production (no matter how and at what price) that has been established in Taranto for too long.

It would be enough to cast a glance, incredulous, on the so-called "ecological mounds“, Built in 70's to separate the Tamburi district from the "monster", as if they could constitute a barrage to the poisoned air. But it is not enough: because "the hills" have been seized for years because they are made with highly toxic material derived from processing waste and special waste and have abnormal quantities of pCB, furans is dioxins, so dangerous for public health to impose the closure by order of the mayor of nearby schools.

A pity that Ilva. Tight-lipped has been seen "only" by 393 thousand spectators with a share of 2.5%. And perhaps it would have been enough to send it on the air in the early evening to make a wider audience understand what is really spoken when it comes to Ilva and to put the responsibilities and priorities in the right order and in a correct perspective.

It fell into a truthful account of the Taranto tragedy and the current reality of the production crisis of steel at European level, even the so-called "criminal shield", wanted with unstoppable momentum by Matteo Renzi ("For this beautiful and desperate city. Rescue Ilva along with the rescue of the Tarantini and their children"), eliminated before by Count I – and then reintroduced with strong limitations under formidable pressure from trade unions, Confindustria Federmeccanica and finally suppressed by the final version of the Save-businesses decree with an amendment of the signed M5s Barbara Lezzi (voted by all the members of the government little time) -, it would turn out for what it is.

And that is a pure pretext for Arcelor, which probably was not the best choice from the beginning, and a legal disgrace, in blatant violation of the principles of generality and abstractness that govern criminal matters. For more inserted in a decree, destined to be trashed by the Constitutional Court.


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