Ex Ilva, 24-hour workers' strike: "ArcelorMittal is already stopping the plants". The Prime Minister Conte in the afternoon at the factory in Taranto


While the workers of Fim, Fiom and Uilm I am in front of the iron and steel plant of theex Ilva of Taranto, the unions warn the executive that "the company is bringing the works to a minimum of the ability to march "and," in these conditions "," by the end of the month there will be a total stop ":" We need to intervene soon, "said the Uilm Antonio Talò. Tonight the 48 hours given by the premier expire Giuseppe Conte, which in the afternoon goes to Taranto for visit the steel mill, to the multinational to "reflect" after the announcement of wanting to leave the iron and steel industry and look for an alternative solution: at the moment, however, there is not even a meeting between the two parties. Unless it is done with the CEO Lucia Morselli just during the visit to the Apulian plant. A signal, the premier's visit to Taranto, for workers who risk a heavy one layoff fund. Meanwhile in the morning Jindal has denied the interest in taking over the multinational, again relaunched by some newspapers even if the Indian group has just committed itself in Asia for an investment by 2.8 billion euros: "We strongly deny", says a tweet from the company, the press rumors that they could "renew his interest in the Taranto steel plant".

Thursday morning, the premier Giuseppe Conte asked for a meeting at the Hill and, during the meeting, Sergio Mattarella he expressed his concerns about the whole "industrial system" and called for a solution quickly. In the background remain the fears for the majority holding and the only alternative, if the Government Count 2 should not overcome the Ilva obstacle, reports the Corriere della Sera, for the Colle is that of the return to the polls. Furthermore, the President of the Council has not ruled out that there is a solution in the field nationalization. The Minister of Economic Development was also asked about this hypothesis Stefano Patuanelli: "I don't see why talking about nationalization risk," he said Republic. "Was a error privatize the steel industry ", he added.

Unions strike from 7
It started at 7 – and will last until the same time on Saturday – the strike called by Fim, Fiom and Uilm in the Taranto steel plant and in the other sites of the ArcelorMittal group. Dozens of procurement workers they are garrisoned near the business concierge: the induced one trembles, from the 400 employees of the Sanac up to 50 of the Enetec for which the company has already requested the ordinary layoff. The metalworkers ask "the company the immediate withdrawal of the procedure of retrocession of the business branches and the government of not granting any alibi to the same to disengage, restoring all the conditions in which the 6 September 2018 agreement was signed which would guarantee the possibility of completing the Environmental plan in the established deadlines ”. Fim, Fiom and Uilm argue that "the multinational has placed some provocative and unacceptable conditions and the most serious concern the modification of the Environmental Plan, the production downsizing to 4 million tons and the request for dismissal of 5,000 workers, in addition to questioning the return to work of the 2,000 currently in Extraordinary Administration ”. The union representatives of Fiom and Uilm in a note speak of "silent strike"To highlight" the exceptional nature of the situation that generated and is generating excessive confusion "and how" silence, on such a complex case, is worth more than a thousand words opposed to political clamor. We are tired – they add – of being inside a meat grinder and we believe it is necessary to rewrite a story, together with the workers and the whole community, different from the one represented up to now ”.

Patuanelli: "Nationalize? I don't see why talking about risk "
"I don't see why talking about risk. I believe it was historically a error privatize the steel industry, which was a flagship and of which today remains a single plant, "affirmed the Minister of Economic Development Patatelli, in an interview with The Republic, on the risk of nationalizing the former Ilva. "Right now – he underlines – the government's priority is to get ArcelorMittal respect commitments taken. This is Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and for this reason I have called Parliament, the social forces and all the institutional components of the country to a sense of responsibility that must make the entrepreneur feel the massive presence of the Italian system " . "The theme of the shield – says Patuanelli – is no longer there. As a government we immediately gave the company the willingness to reinsert it, to remove any alibi. But ArcelorMittal said that even if we solved, in addition to that, the other side issues, the quay and the blast furnace 2, the production would still be 4 million tons per year. With 5 thousand redundancies. It is unacceptable ".

Intesa suspends loans and mortgages of workers: "Concreto support"
Intesa Sanpaolo, which was in the ArcelorMittal consortium in the tender phase, will suspend the installments of mortgages is loans of employees of the former Ilva and gods providers its customers for a period of up to 12 months, collecting the proposal of Fabi. "Intesa Sanpaolo wants to prove its own nearness to former Ilva employees and supplier companies and their families at this time of serious difficulty ”, he explains Carlo Messina, managing director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo. "We felt that the suspension of mortgages and loans was an intervention by concrete support for people and local communities in the current situation. Attention to the dynamics and social needs of the territories is for us one of the cornerstones of our way of banking, "he continues.


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