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thud Rome in Europa League. On the fourth day of Group J the team of Fonseca loses 2-1 with Borussia M'Gladbach and is made to reach the standings by the Germans at 5 points, complicating the plans for the passage of the round. In the first half the Germans unlock the race thanks to a car from Fazio spoiled by one ball not seen by the referee (35 '), then the Argentine central equalized at 64'. In the recovery a goal of Thuram (95 ') insult the Giallorossi.


Another mockery in recovery, another arbitration hoax. Rome comes out with the bones broken by the double confrontation against M'Gladbach. Not so much with regards to performance, but for the points collected. Too little for the one seen on the pitch, especially because in both races the Giallorossi have paid a high price for the oversights of the referees. In the first leg with the Germans to mark the match was the penalty invented on Smalling, in the return a ball out of which the first net was born. Two errors that could ultimately weigh heavily on the qualification. Of course, in Group J everything is still open for the sixteenth, but Roma could certainly have been in another position and now Fonseca can no longer go wrong if he wants to hit the target. A different speech instead for M'Gladbach, who brings home four precious points from the double confrontation with Roma. Undeserved loot, but still precious to stay ahead of the Giallorossi in the standings due to the direct confrontations.

At Borussia Park the first half is a mix of chances and regrets. Still with the numbered men, Fonseca confirms Mancini in the median, opts for Santon in defense and Piazza Zaniolo, Pastore and Kluivert in tow with Dzeko. Still bench for Florenzi. Without Embolo, Rose relies instead on Thuram in attack with Stindl free to move on the whole offensive front. With the short teams and the defenses committed to set up from behind, the first quarter of an hour is for study. Then the race hall of rhythm and the quality of the plays also grows. On one side and on the other. Zaniolo touches the lead, then Zakaria chips the crossbar from the edge. Occasions that open spaces and ignite the match. Pau Lopez flies on a dangerous left from Benes, Sommer instead stops a sure-handed right-footed shot from Pastore. With the longest teams, Fonseca's men cling to the dribble from behind to set, but struggle to verticalize on the points and risk big on a Neuhaus incursion. Under pressure, the Germans take the match on the lanes instead. Mossa which bears fruit shortly after the half hour. And that is realized also thanks to an error by the referee and the linesman, who do not see a ball out of the playing field when Wendt's action starts and validate Fazio's goal on Thuram's cross. A goal that breaks the balance and marks the first time indelibly.

In the second half Dzeko and Zaniolo immediately try to shake the Giallorossi, but Borussia is still close to the big target thanks to Thuram's play and Neuhaus's central lunges. Tall and aggressive, the M'Gladbach manages possession well, but still leaves the field back on the Giallorossi. And so Rome takes advantage of it, raising its center of gravity and rhythm. Sommer still flies on a right-footed shot from Pastore, then Fazio gets his goal forgiven by drawing the score on a punishment with Kolarov's rev counter. Goal that gives courage to the Giallorossi and changes the match again. With the teams a little on their legs, the spaces open and opportunities rain in the final. And it is Rome, when it all seemed to be over, to pay the costs. After many chances wasted by the Giallorossi, Thuram is the one who closes the accounts with his head in recovery. A blow that freezes Rome and relaunches M'Gladbach. For the qualification it is still completely open, but between round-trip with Borussia on the classification of the Giallorossi very much also referee errors. And now Fonseca needs two victories to avoid risks.


Smalling 6.5: Thuram has another step and you can see on Fazio's own goal. For the rest a lot of substance and clean interventions.
Dzeko 6: isolated, try to fight alone and pick up the team. In the first half very few balls arrive from its parts and it is not easy to make a difference, much better in the second half with a lot of bank work.
Santon 6: Fonseca prefers it to Florenzi to give more coverage on his side. In the first half effort, in the second half then grows in coverage, rises and pushes.
Shepherd 5.5: it lights up intermittently, but when it does Rome changes pace. Good ideas and play. But he lacks the wriggle to hurt and falls to the distance.
Fazio 6.5: protagonist for better or for worse in the match. The own goal was avoidable, but then it is forgiven by signing a draw.
Thuram 7.5: quick and powerful. It starts from the left and is centered, making a department and giving depth to the team. He has leg and technique. Fazio's autoret arrives from his cross, then he signs the knockdown in the recovery.
Lainer 6.5: inexhaustible plunger. Pushes with balance, forcing Kolarov to stay low. Press and propose, raising the team.
Stindl 6: he places himself between the lines, trying to hit on the second balls and to go to Thuram's trailer. Always in support and ready to fit.


Borussia Monchengladbach (4-2-3-1): Sommer 6.5; Lainer 6.5, Elvedi 6, Jantsche 6 (28 'Hofmann 6), Wendt 6 (39' st Bensebaini sv); Ginter 6, Zakaria 6.5; Neuhaus 6.5 (28 'st Plea 5.5), Benes 6, Thuram 7.5; Stindl 6.5.
To disp .: Grun, Strobl, Kramer, Beyer. All .: Roses 6.5
Rome (4-2-3-1): Pau Lopez 6; Santon 6, Smalling 6.5, Fazio 6.5, Kolarov 6; Veretout 6.5, Mancini 5 (14 'st Diawara 5.5); Zaniolo 6 (32 'st Under 5.5), Pastor 5.5 (35' st Perotti sv), Kluivert 5, Dzeko 6.
To disp .: Mirante, Jesus, Florenzi, Antonucci. All .: Fonseca 5.5
Referee: Gil Manzano (Spa)
Scorers: 35 'aut. Fazio (R), 19 'st Fazio (R), 50' st Thuram (B)
Booked: Benes, Bensebaini, Thuram, Kramer, Neuhaus (B); Mancini, Santon, Diawara (R)

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