Euro 2020 qualifications: goleade for Belgium, Holland and Russia, Slovenia ko in Poland | News


Goleada for the Belgium, which in the last lot of qualifications a Euro 2020 beats Cyprus 6-1 in comeback and closes with 10 victories in 10 games (Lukaku and Mertens on the bench). The Netherlands overwhelms Estonia 5-0, but ends the group behind Germany. Russia are 5-0 in San Marino, 3-2 without Piatek for Poland against Slovenia (Ilicic to sign), which is thus overtaken by Macedonia, third in group G after a 1-0 win over Israel.

A nice 5-0 win for the Netherlands, which thus hails qualifying for Euro 2020 after missing both the 2016 European Championships and the 2018 World Cups. Germany's victory over Northern Ireland denies the group's victory at Oranje, despite the triumph over Estonia. The Netherlands took the lead as early as the 6th minute, when Wijnaldum took advantage of a splendid Promes cross, coordinating and unlocking the score. The doubling comes on 19 'and is headed by Ake on a corner beaten by Depay. Estonia sees itself in the final part of time with a tricky shot from Sorga, but the match remains authoritatively under the control of the hosts: in the second half Stengs calls the great goalkeeper Lepmets, then closes the triangle with the usual Wijnaldum who set for three in the 66th minute. There is also room for the Wijnaldum hat-trick (to sign at 79 'on a great service in depth by Stengs) and Boadu, who at 87' takes advantage of Strootman's lob and beats the goalkeeper at the exit, presenting again for the Europeans a Holland again polished.

Ten victories in ten games, with 40 goals scored and just 3 conceded. These are the numbers with which Belgium closes an impressive journey towards Euro 2020, confirmed in the last official qualifying round. Surprisingly in Brussels, however, Cyprus took the lead in the 14th minute, when Ioannou surprised Alderweireld and Denayer, beating Mignolet. Belgium, however, takes just two minutes to put things right, when on 16 'Benteke tries to take the lead with an assist from De Bruyne and then he is quick to confirm on the net from the ground on the Carrasco counter-cross. The hosts then took the lead after 36 minutes thanks to a dirty right-footed shot from De Bruyne, on which the goalkeeper Neofytos messed. The same champion of Manchester City finds the double in the 42nd minute, after a fantastic veronica followed by a right diagonal that ends in the corner. So, before the break, there is also glory for Carrasco (scored at 42 'with a great right-footed shot from the small area). In the second half Christoforou's own goal on 51 minutes and Benteke on the counterattack on 68 minutes make the final score even more rounded. Lukaku and Mertens remain on the bench. In San Marino it is Russia that imposes itself with a decidedly wide margin: 5-0. Guests in the lead already at 3 'thanks to Kuzyaev's conclusion that deceives Simoncini. The same goalkeeper can do nothing at 11 ', when Petrov beats it from close range. So he says no to Miranchuk with a great intervention, but on 49 minutes Miranchuk beats him in the head. In the 56th minute comes the poker, signed from distance by Ionov and at 78 'Komlichenko, just entered the field, closes the hostilities. Scotland, back from the fundamental victory of Cyprus, confirms third strength of the group by beating Kazakhstan in an equally delicate and ended challenge with a 3-1 victory gained after a first time to forget. In Glasgow guests are in fact taking the lead with Zainutdinov's shot from outside the area to 34 ', in the second half they are McGinn with a free kick on 48' and Naismith with a header on 64 'to make the comeback. In the 91st minute it is therefore still McGinn to close the accounts definitively.

In Warsaw comes the great disappointment for Slovenia, which after a game played at large levels on the pitch of a Poland that has long won the group must lose and salute the third place in the group, which allowed to keep some hope of taking part to Euro 2020. Instead it finishes 3-2, a score that rewards Macedonia able to beat Israel 1-0. Poland took the lead already on 3 'thanks to Szymanski, who was good at finding the right corner with a bolide from distance after the guests had gotten off a corner. However, the game is beautiful, as shown by Matavz's draw on the 14th minute inspired by the Ilicic model. Before the break Piszczek and Lewandowski touch the new Polish advantage, found by the Bayern Munich striker in the 56th minute with a touch on the initiative of Jedrzejczyk. Slovenia did not give up and at 61 'equalized again with the indomitable Ilicic, but at 81' Goralski took advantage of Grosicki's side and gave Poland the victory (with Piatek attending the entire match from the bench). In the end there is also the expulsion of Kurtic. Who can celebrate is therefore the Macedonia, that after having touched the advantage with the Neapolitan Elmas to the 4 'beats the thanks to Nikolov in the minutes of recovery of the first time: it is the decisive goal for the final 1-0. Latvia also won at home, with Oss signing the goal that struck Austria in the 65th minute but who will take part in the Europeans anyway.

Wales beat Hungary 2-0 and beat them in the standings, finishing in second place. Hosts ahead in the 15th minute thanks to a splendid initiative on the right of Gareth Bale, who then crossed at the center where the Juventus player Ramsey in perfect solitude embarks on a goal. During the first half it could also reach a doubling, but Moore's header misses the door very little. Hungary is also trying, but Hennessey is doing great on Sallai. At the beginning of the second half, Ramsey is again the one to score the safety goal for Wales, confirming on the net at 47 minutes a ball on which Moore had attempted an unlikely acrobatics. Slovakia remains third in the standings, despite a 2-0 home win over Azerbaijan: after a first attempt by Parma midfielder Kucka (Balayev attentively tells him no), Bozenik took the hosts to the lead on 19 minutes the assist of the eternal Hamsik. In the second half Pekarik was denied an offside double. In the end there is therefore the joy of the goal for Hamsik, who at 86 'doubles with a shot from outside the box.

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