Etra, agreement with the trade unions: way to solidarity holidays and leave exchanges


MILAN – Give your vacation to a colleague who has exhausted you but finds himself in a serious and sudden situation that leads him to need time to assist loved ones. Give the opportunity to employees who need flexibility to enter or leave outside the standard time, with a solar month of time to recover the hours taken at work for private life needs.These are the cornerstones around which the company agreement between Etra – the multi-user-owned multi-use that manages water and waste services in seventy municipalities in the provinces of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso – and the confederal unions of the CNG Utilitalia in the gas sector have developed. and water, with the Fiadel autonomous.
"For the first time in an organic way a public company has created an ethical solidarity fund – explains the company – It is a fund destined to the provision, in an organic and coordinated manner, of hours with solidarity purposes".It is not the first time that such tools are put in place, from the Jobs Act onwards, but it is an important step for a company 100% controlled by the municipalities, in the context of second-level bargaining. "It will be possible to allow a worker to cede his holiday to colleagues whose days of leave and paid leave have been exhausted and who are in situations of need for important reasons, such as a serious illness, assistance required for children, members of the family nucleus or first-degree relatives who, due to particular health conditions, need constant care, or even to face serious family and personal needs ".

Among the other instruments, an individual hourly bank has been provided "which allows workers to use all or part of the recoveries accrued against services exceeding the reference time".

In terms of flexibility, which more and more studies link to the increase in productivity and worker satisfaction, "the possibility has been established for the employees to manage the entrances and exits with flexible hours, offering the opportunity to recover the missing hours upon completion of the timetable within the same calendar month of use of flexibility ".

"With this agreement we give a concrete response to the needs that the workers have shown us. It is a first step towards welfare policies increasingly close to the needs of employees", commented the president Andrea Levorato. "In life a moment of difficulty can happen or to have particular needs. For this we have decided, thanks to the active collaboration with the unions, to give an organic response to these problems".

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