Etna, "all active craters". Ingv seismologist alarm: "Pipelines full of lava, unprecedented activity"


Snow, ash, magma: in this period the volcano Etna attracts tourists from all over the world, fascinated by the thrill of climb the highest volcano in Europe. But seismologists preach caution and attention, since Etna, erupting since July, is changing skin. Experts warn: almost all summit craters they opened and the volcano ducts are extremely loaded with magma. A danger, therefore, both for the more adventurous hikers and for those who live in areas near the volcano.

Marco Neri, INGV researcher, pointed out that Etna is in excellent health, and is just "doing its job: erupting lava". However, the researcher moves the ball further and believes that theeffusive activity of this period represents one indicator light, as if to say: "Start to equip yourself, to do simulations to try to understand where I want to erupt". For now there is no alarm, but theNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology constantly monitors the situation.

Source link—tech/13538391/etna-vulcano-ingv-magma-condotti-lava-eruzione-crateri-attivi.html



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