Esposito tough: "De Laurentiis replaces Ancelotti: two names! Napoli in crisis"


Paolo Esposito, journalist from Area di Rigore, analyzed what happened in the San Paolo stadium match between the Azzurri and Genoa.

The reporter from Penalty area, Paolo Esposito, published a tough message on his official Twitter profiles commenting on the match between Naples and Genoa. Here's what we read: "No more chatter! Naples, like it or not, is in crisis! NOW the top of society, that is, the only one who can decide, Aurelio De Laurentiis, must be a decision-maker and no longer wait on the coach! a new coach, before it's too late for everything! "

Paolo Esposito then added: "We need to decide right away, before this season can turn out to be a new failure, a new flop, without winning a dry fig !!! And with the danger of not even getting four quarters to replay the Champions League again next season !!!" . Paolo Esposito then advises two coaches who, according to his idea, could do in the case of Napoli: "Luciano Spalletti is Gennaro Gattuso they're free!". The two technicians are back from their experiences with Inter and Milan respectively.

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