Escorted to Liliana Segre, solidarity initiatives are multiplying in Milan. Salvini visits the senator


After the news of the escort to Liliana Segre, Milan mobilizes and sympathizes with the senator for life. This afternoon at 4.30 pm in front of the synagogue in Via Guastalla, the citizens who are responding to the appeal launched on social media by the director Andree Ruth Shammah, who was immediately joined by the architect Stefano Boeri: "Everyone in the synagogue in via Guastalla (if one also believes with a yellow star on the chest) at 16.30 to show solidarity with Liliana Segre and tell the Jews" you are not alone ". United and in solidarity against all forms of hatred". The chief rabbi of Milan Alfonso Pedatzur Arbib inside the Temple he prayed because Shabbat celebrations begin tonight, but the Jewish community welcomes this initiative.

The meeting with Salvini

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, went to visit Liliana Segre in the afternoon after the controversy of the past few days on the parliamentary commission against anti-Semitism and racial hatred and after the statements released yesterday by the former Interior Minister about the threats suffered by the senator for life ("I also receive threats, every day. The threats against Segre, against Salvini, against anyone are very serious"). The meeting took place in the home of Segre itself. According to the leaked, the senator and the leader of the League met around 5pm. Matteo Salvini was with his daughter. No other representatives of institutions would have been present.

The demonstrations

Monday to demonstrate will be the associations Bella Ciao, Milan !, Anpi and Aned have promoted a demonstration at 6.30 pm in front of the Holocaust Memorial entitled "Milan does not hate: together for Liliana" after the news that the former deportee who survived Auschwitz receives 200 messages of hatred and threats a day. "In response to this, over 200 messages of peace and solidarity will be read during the presidium. A way to huddle in a collective embrace with Senator Segre and make her feel that we will always defend the memory and memory as the only antidote to hate spills", we read in the appeal that was signed by unions, parties, associations such as ACLI and ARCI. The event will be held in front of Platform 21 from where Segre left as a child, together with her father, towards the head of extermination, in 1944.

Liliana Segre with the escort

And for the 10th December the demonstration announced by the mayor is called instead


Liliana Segre under escort, is now tempted by the no to the commission

"Milan is its city – the mayor says – it was born here, from here it started and here it is back. We will be many to express our friendship, esteem and closeness to her that for us is memory, truth and strength of a story that will never be forgotten. Milan and the Milanese will never be indifferent: we will always condemn every word and every act of hatred and racism ". Sala always said he was amazed by the attitude of the center-right, almost equidistant between Segre and the neo-fascism: "Forza Italia's attitude is especially striking, I am amazed. The League then sometimes it accompanies subjects, and sometimes they are also its own representatives on the territory, who come out with racist and fascist statements. Forza Italia, who abstains, however, amazes me and worries me ". Ricci, who is also president of the Italian Local Autonomies, promises:" We will demonstrate with hundreds of Italian bands that Italy is with Liliana Segre, against hatred and racism the memory. A country forced to put an escort to a woman who survived the Nazi extermination is not acceptable, it is an aberrant thing. It's time to say enough ".

Even the Jewish community in Milan expresses "sadness" in the face of "the need for an escort to protect such a person – says President Milo Hasbani -. So far I have said that the climate in Italy was not comparable to that of other European countries but yes the flame is rekindled ". For Emanuele Fiano, parliamentarian dem and son of a survivor of the Holocaust, "it is a terrible sign, it is a world that runs backwards. Defending today who has gone through hell yesterday is a duty but also a defeat". While according to the former mayor and today MEP Giuliano Pisapia "a country that has to put a woman like Liliana Segre under guard with her story is a nation in deep crisis".


Escort to Liliana Segre, her son Luciano: "Now we are more calm"

Despite the known ambiguities of the League, with very cordial relative political and organizational collaborative relations with a fringe of black extremism, the regional League's president, Attilio Fontana, underlines how "it is absurd that we should resort to a measure of this kind in a civil and free society like ours for an excellent person like Senator Segre, who already had dramatic experiences in her life. I don't believe that Italy is racist and that these leaps of old stuff are widespread. I think few say these things because they believe in it but more out of ignorance. " Instead the secretary of the Lombard League Paolo Grimoldi speaks of "complete and absolute solidarity, without ifs and buts", unless contradicted immediately after: "Register that – he adds – all those who today are on the left are indignant and rightly worried about the shameful and cowardly threats addressed to Senator Segre do not flinch and do not utter a word when death threats are addressed to Matteo Salvini with writings on the walls, posters in the parades where puppets are burned with his likenesses, letters with bullets ".

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