Escort to Segre, Salvini: "Very serious threats like the ones I receive". But in the evening he changes his attitude: "All my closeness"


"The threats against Segre, versus Salvini, against anyone who is very serious ". The League leader said this morning Matteo Salvini leaving a demonstration of Coldiretti in progress in Piazza Montecitorio, referring to the assignment of the escort assigned to the senator for life. "I also receive it daily," he added. In the evening, however, the leader of the Northern League corrected the shooting and, perhaps driven by the media hype, he was decidedly more sympathetic to the senator. "It is not a good day when Italy is forced to give the escort to Liliana Segre, who has all my closeness and all my understanding, like all those who are victims of unjustified hatred – in Bologna to present the opening event of the electoral campaign of Lucia Borgonzoni, a candidate for the government of the Emilia-Romagna Region – Denying the Holocaust or calling itself anti-Semitic in 2019 is from urgent hospitalization in a public or private health facility, but of primary importance "

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