Escort Liliana Segre, resigns as manager of the Fratelli d'Italia after an offensive post


He resigned after the controversy raised for his offensive post on the matter of escorting the senator Liliana Segre the referent of Fratelli d'Italia in San Severo, Francesco Stefanelli, provincial provincial director of the party. The post, published on Thursday November 7th on Facebook, was removed immediately after the outraged reactions also by the political and regional exponents of the Meloni party."The statements made on his Facebook page in no way can find place in the political line of Fratelli d'Italia which is firmly on the side of Senator Segre for the battles against anti-Semitism and against racism", commented the regional coordinator of FdI, Saverio Congedo, and the provincial one, Giandonato La Salandra, who accepted Stefanetti's resignation as provincial party leader.
The person concerned, after having removed the offensive post, which also contained a sexist insult to the senator, apologized speaking of "a slang phrase, inappropriate to the circumstance" and explaining that he intended to highlight "the paradox of a choice, that of revoking escort to the colonel De Caprio, known as Capitano Ultimo and to assign it after a few days to the Segre ", bringing out" the difference of danger and threatening interlocutors: on the one hand some exalted on the social networks, on the other the mafia that does not offend publicly but kills ".

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