"Enough or I'll take you to vote"


M5S split, wrath of Di Maio. Lite at the Mise with the Apulians: "Enough or I'll take you to vote"

"Well, that's enough: if the group breaks up on the Ilva, I take political note of it and return to the vote. I don't go on like this. And I don't disrespect myself this way. And then, you, but how dare you: on this dossier, when I was Minister of Economic Development, I gave my all ». Mid-morning, via Veneto, first floor of the Mise, the Hall of Tapestries: Luigi Di Maio in the middle of the meeting on the future of the steelworks in Taranto, he lost his temper. "He was purple, never seen like this: a fury," the participants told Il Messaggero.

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Italy and industry / Now it is urgent to stop the divestment of the country – by P. Balduzzi

The leader of the M5S lashes out against the Tarantino deputy Gianpaolo Cassese. He just reiterated that he will not vote a decree with a criminal shield inside and that the Movement has not had a coherent line. Di Maio loses control and leaves the table. In the heat a chair flies in the air and falls to the ground. Whoever remains stunned. Looks astonished. What was supposed to be the key summit of the M5S to find a political summary of the former Ilva becomes the light of the grillini crisis that goes beyond the future of the main European steel industry.

The scene does not go unnoticed. In the salon there are the new landlord, Stefano Patuanelli; the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D'Inca; the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Stefano Buffagni; the undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi, with responsibility for economic planning Mario Turco, who is also a Tarantino. All the Apulian senators (and deputies) have also been summoned. Attention: they are the same men who threatened not to vote the confidence in the government if the parliamentary immunity for Arcelor Mittal in the crisis remained. In the end they won, as we know. Barbara Lezzi is not there in person, but intervenes twice in a video call. The government delegation retraces all the troubled process of the affair: from the government of the green-and-yellow with Matteo Salvini to the Pd of Nicola Zingaretti today. Di Maio, who handled the dispute in the first person as owner of the Mise, underlines that the "ministry officials worked day and night on a solution". One way to prevent the criticisms that are slowly starting to arrive from the Tarantine parliamentarians.

Ilva, Mattarella a Conte: solution immediately. The government is dealing with redundancies

A Di Maio is reminded that he has removed and then replaced the shield and that – above all – he will not be able to return. However, the political leader of the M5S has a clear mandate: to convince the rebels. Truncate and suppress any dispute that it considers "instrumental". On the other hand, groups are divided and disoriented. A chaotic boiling: a political line is missing, it goes in a random order. In the Chamber, where a new group leader has not been elected for a month, Francesco Silvestri, the current regent, admits: "There are many, too many resistances on the penal shield. And not only in the Senate, even here I believe it would pass with great difficulty ". That is why in the M5S we think of a rescue of the opposition when the decree arrives at the Houses.

It is no coincidence that Patuanelli during the double disclosure appeals to a sense of responsibility, "above all of my political formation, but also to that of the opposition". Giancarlo Giorgetti, navigated number two of the League, comments in the Transatlantic: "Ah, well they are asking us for our votes because the majority does not have the numbers". Di Maio invokes national unity and addresses "the sovereigns, too controversial". Pass Riccardo Molinari of the League: «But Luigi knows that the next day they go home?».

Here the climate is this. Better to return to the Senate. The scene of "Luigi's wrath" made the rounds of the Garibaldi salon: the screams, the threats, the chair that blows in the air, he who quickly descends the double-ramp staircase of that ministry he knows well, furious with his . At Palazzo Madama there is a very bad air: Elena Fattori left the M5S and could be followed by other rebels. Seven are enough to form a component in the mixed group that can thus be fundamental for the life of the government. Whoever does not leave, works to modify the Group Statute. Among the options: weaken Rousseau to make the bond of parliamentarians with the platform less strong. Once it would have been a heresy. In the evening, Davide Casaleggio appears among the busts. "He is here to appease souls." A return to the field of Beppe Grillo is taken for granted, as well as being hoped for by the Democratic Party.

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