Energy from renewable and plastic free sources: the Bank of Italy's green policy


Servicethe 2019 report

The Institute of Via Nazionale purchases 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, has reduced Co2 emissions by 63% and has almost halved the use of paper for its publications

by Nicoletta Cottone

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Preserving the environment for future generations has now become a categorical imperative for everyone. The Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, had explained this by announcing the new green policy of the National Street Institute, stressing that to guarantee a transition to a sustainable economy, an effort is needed on the part of all institutions, including central banks. Words that have turned into reality at Palazzo Koch, as shown by the 2019 Environmental Report, which gives an account of the impact on the environment of Bank of Italy's activities.

There are all the policies implemented by Palazzo Koch, with the aim of «reducing the environmental footprint and spreading awareness of sustainability issues».

C02 emissions reduced by 63%
Thanks to the commitment, Bankitalia has reduced its C02 emissions by 63% compared to 2010.


Carbon dioxide emissions. In thousands of tons of CO2

100% of the energy is green
Bank of Italy's commitment also in terms of renewable sources. 100% of the electricity used by Via Nazionale is green. Unique among European central banks to have installed photovoltaic panels for the production of renewable electricity in total autonomy.

In the new equity portfolio -23% of the level of greenhouse gases
Then the formation of an environmental culture not only inside, but also towards the outside. And respect for environmental, social and governance factors, the so-called Esg (Environmental, social, governance), in the selection process of its equity investments. Already this year the environmental indicators associated with the new stock portfolio have marked a decrease in the level of greenhouse gases by 23 percent.

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