Emmanuel Macron, "the brain death of NATO". His hands on Europe: very dirty game


After copying Le Pen on the stop to immigrants, Emmanuel Macron he is still inspired on the right to make a living and copy General De Gaulle. "What we are experiencing is the brain death of the Born», Declared the French president in an interview granted to the Economist.

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The crisis would be due, he explains, to the behavior of Turkey (and nothing can be said about this) and to the disengagement of the American president Donald Trump. And here the French do it, as often happens, outside the jar.
Macron questions article 5 of the Atlantic pact, which provides for solidarity among member countries should one of them be attacked. And he wonders what will happen if Syria attacks Turkey, in response to the Ankara offensive in the north of the Arab country. "If the regime of Bashar Assad decides to respond to Turkey, will we commit ourselves? This is a real question. We are committed to fighting against the Isis. The paradox is that the American decision and the Turkish offensive had the same result: the sacrifice of our partners who fought against the ISIS, "said Macron.
In view of the NATO summit in early December in London, it is necessary to "clarify the strategic aims" of the Alliance, Macron urges, which then goes on to consider the European Union. Europe will "disappear" if it does not begin to think of itself as a world power, warns Macron, insisting again on the importance of a European defense, of a Europe "with a strategic autonomy and a military capacity".

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