Emilia Romagna tomb of the Democratic Party: "If Borgonzoni wins …". Zingaretti, then it's all true


Try to get out of the corner, Nicola Zingaretti, running away from the Palace. And from the Nazarene. Go first to Torre Maura, a deep suburb of the capital, where it opens soccer fields and beach volleyball courts. Then the Magliana, a neighborhood known for having given its name to the criminal gang, to reopen a Pd circle. Look for a reality bath to break the chains in which he seems to be tied. A slip-on knot, the one that links the Democratic Party to Count 2 and to the M5S, which tightens more every day. In his heart, Zingaretti would like to get rid of it. He would do it right away. It was not his idea to create this government.

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And now that the Democratic Party is bleeding and tarnishing its leadership, the temptation to say "I said it" is strong.
Like saying "let's pull the plug, that's enough". "If you have to go ahead with these games, with Renzi and Di Maio who are with one foot in the government and the other outside, while the Democratic Party is Conte's human shield, then no thanks". But it is an outlet, rather than a project. Just have a chat with the parliamentarians. Vote? «With the Pd at 17%? And to go where? Towards a certain defeat? To whom is it convenient? And then "even if parliamentarians don't want to follow Zingaretti".
That the situation, however, is serious, is accepted by all. To put it in the words of a deputy certainly not hostile to Zingaretti, "we need to understand if we want to proceed with euthanasia or if we want to try to get this patient back in a comatose state". The patient is the Democratic Party. Matteo Orfini tells Libero: «What is our line? Do we have an idea about something? No. We spend our time saying not to quarrel, to take it out on Renzi and Di Maio, only to give it to both of them on the whole line. First we say that the plastic tax is indispensable, then we change it. Same thing about company cars. With Di Maio we don't even fight, we give in directly. We are perceived as the party of power. Yes, we defend stability. But to do what? The Ius Soli, no. Safety decrees do not touch. The memorandum with Libya, as well. Go on like this, clearly we end up in the ravine ».
But even in the majority that supports Zingaretti, even among the ministers, the mood is bad. As we saw, yesterday, at the meeting called in secret by the secretary of the House of Parliament. Present, the PD ministers and group leaders. Everyone complained about how Renzi and Di Maio bomb the government. All arguments that concluded with "at this point better to vote". But more than a project, it is a tactical threat. An attempt to scare Renzi to convince him to re-enter the ranks. A pious intention, because the leader of Iv does not dream of changing line. To live must drain the Pd. He said so. And it will do so.
Meanwhile in the Democratic Party we start to paw. Elections are an unthinkable prospect. Rather, we think of another vote: the one on the secretary. "More than the government, Zingaretti is at risk", is said among the former Renzians.
If the vote in Emilia Romagna were to go wrong, a congress would be inevitable. And already we begin to look for an alternative to the governor, perhaps fishing among the mayors.
Zingaretti tries to resist the storm: "The Democratic Party is the largest organized political force of the center-left". It will be the target of "aggression" because it is the "pillar of the democratic estate". To avoid the vote, the government must walk. "We don't want to go to elections but a government that governs well. But if there is not a proposal perceived by the country and if there is no good government, things are not going well ».

by Elisa Calessi

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