Emilia Romagna, poll-choc for Luigi Di Maio: the M5s is worth 7 percent


M5S, accredited at 7% in Emilia Romagna, are increasingly willing to run alone at the next regional level. From the first meeting on the territory between activists and regional councilors of the M5s, the will to not ally with anyone in view of 26 January emerged. "The 5 Star Movement in the next regional elections must run alone, out of the two poles and open to civic lists", reads the Facebook page of the M5s of Reggio Emilia.

The topics of the program include: "Enhancing public health by reopening birth points in the mountains, protecting health and the environment against absurd cement castings (see Cispadana regional toll motorway project), countering incineration and drilling policies, sustainable transport, protection of precarious workers, small businesses and small and medium-sized businesses, helping them in ecological reconversion at the center of the first ideas emerged ».

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But while in Reggio Emilia the Fifth Tales struggle, at Imola they lose pieces. Precisely in the Municipality where a few days ago the grillina mayor Manuela Sangiorgi resigned after being elected in June 2018. Andrea Cerulli, leader of the M5S in the Municipality, in fact passes to Brothers of Italy. The announcement arrived at a press conference together with parliamentarian Galeazzo Bignami. Cerulli defined the grillini "without the competence and sense of the institutions".

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