Emergency holes in Milan, increasingly uneven roads after continuous rains and inefficient maintenance


With a disbursement by the administration of 2.7 million euros for recognized practices. On the contrary Palazzo Marino has started a road safety plan with the "cold asphalt" technique, which proved to be ineffective, in fact it offers a limited resistance to bad weather and with the arrival of the coldest months the situation does not will do nothing but get worse.

The municipal councilor of Forza Italia Fabrizio De Pasquale explains that "among the reasons for this instability, there are certainly fewer economic investments on the chapter of road maintenance than in the past: it has gone from 40 million euros of the time of Albertini to 25-27 current. The controls carried out by the Municipality on companies are then in decline and only 18 employees are active to monitor the 4,400 km of city roads, in practice two employees for City Hall.There is finally a substantial difference between the requests of the Municipality (4,300 interventions announced last week by Granelli) and the works carried out ". For this reason, Forza Italia has launched a series of proposals against the "hole emergency" asking not to be unheard.

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