Electronic cigarettes, "the vitamin E acetate that causes diseases and deaths"


There could be a vitamin E acetate at the origin of lung damage and deaths related to the use of electronic cigarettes in the United States. The hypothesis comes from the American Centers for Disease Control (Prevention and Disease Control and Prevention), which identified this chemical compound in the lung fluids of 29 sick people. The discovery could be a "turning point" that indicates the probable culprit of the epidemic that caused more than 2,000 patients in the US, killing at least 39 people. "It is the first time that we have identified a" potentially guilty "chemical in the biological samples of patients with these lung damage," the CDC said, continuing to recommend not to use electronic cigarettes or products that contain thc, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

"The vitamin E acetate – reads the research of the Cdc – is used as additive in the production of products for electronic cigarettes ". IS Anne Schuchat, number two of the CDC, in a press conference he added: "For the first time we have discovered a potential toxin of concern, vitamin E acetate, in patient biological samples ". The samples, he explained, "provided evidence of the presence of vitamin E acetate at the main site of lung injury". The discovery of the dangerousness of vitamin E acetate is based on samples of fluids taken from 29 sick patients: the substance Thc has been identified in the 82% of the samples, while the nicotine in the 62%. Electronic cigarettes, according to the data always reported by the Cdc, have done ill In the USA 2051 people killing them 39.

Last week, the National Institute of Health also launched an alert. That the electronic cigarette can cause adverse effects on organs and cells "is now established in the scientific literature and many cases of deaths, especially in the US, have raised the attention threshold of the controlling bodies. Objective of the alliter "watch over the serious lung disease among people who use electronic cigarettes", and in particular some liquids, is monitor the onset of serious injuries pulmonary diseases found in the United States. The decision was taken on the basis of the reports received from theLisbon European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Grade 2, on three alert levels, therefore intermediate, indicates the risk of slight damage to health and the dissemination of substances in the illicit market. Those registered in the US are about 1300 cases e 26 deaths from chemical pneumonia, especially among the younger ones.

Most have used products for e-cig containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), many have used products based on both THC and nicotine and others only nicotine. The Centers for diseases control (Cdc) also report that many cases are linked to the use of products purchased on unofficial channels and unauthorized resellers. But experts warn: what has been registered in the United States for now has no confirmation in Italy and Europe, because the problem in the US is represented by the use without rules of e-cigarettes, often linked to drug use. In our country the controls on the sale in the official channels of the substances with which these instruments are loaded are much more rigorous. The absence of a causal link, the ISS writes, between cases of lung disease and a single substance, brand or method of use leaves European countries, including Italy, in an alert situation. For this reason, even Italian health facilities will have to monitor and report any cases.


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