Electric cars: Tesla still commands News


With 21,336 copies sold in August the Tesla Model 3 continues to dominate the global car market full electric, with a 12% share of the sector. On the podium, very detached, the Chinese BAIC EU-Series, (7.560) and BYD Yuan S2 EV, which are not available in Europe. To find the first model of the old continent in the standings it is necessary to go down to the sixth position, with the Renault Zoe, 2914 machines sold in August.

In the calculation of sales for the first 8 months of 2019, Model 3 stood at 168,770 vehicles registered, again followed by BAIC and BYD. Back for now, the big European companies that have recently started investing in mass production of electric cars. An industrial conversion that will bear fruit from 2020 forward.

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