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It is no coincidence that Italy with an average of 10.8 years has the oldest circulating car park of Europe. Yet another demonstration is offered by Republic, which explains how in our country the number of old Fiat 500s in circulation far exceeds that of electric cars. That's right, of the more than 4 million old Fiat 500s there are still 10% on the road, for a total of 370,000 units. On the other hand, there are only 30,600 battery-powered cars on the Italian asphalt.

Fiat, uncertain future for Panda and 500

And to say that the old Fiat 500s maintain a longevity of no small importance. In fact, the "youngest" has already accomplished over 40 years, while it has over 60 the oldest of all. In a nutshell, each of the circulating electric cars has twelve Fiat 500s. This trend will soon be reversed, since the zero-emission car revolution has just started and at the same time the interruption of the production of the old 500 dates back to now 1977 But the electric boom late to arrive, and with the current sales rhythms it will still take some time before overtaking actually takes place.

Among the many advantages that lead motorists to continue using an old Fiat 500 there is certainly that of the comfort. Its very small size indeed allows it to move and park freely almost anywhere in the city, and although it is really tiny it can carry up to four passengers, as well as the driver. Something that the "rival" Smart, for example, cannot afford because it is only approved for two people. Two disadvantages instead: the power released, which does not exceed 18 hp, and the increasingly widespread rules on reduction of CO2 emissions, which increasingly prevent the circulation of old vehicles in certain areas.

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