Elections Spain: who is Abascal and what does Vox support?


God, homeland, family and bullfighting: an extended version of the slogans of the traditionalist right that Santiago Abascal entrusted to himself, the leader of the Vox movement that in the parliamentary elections in Spain obtained, according to the first exit polls, 14% of the votes. Many of Vox's watchwords are the same as those that decreed the success of the sovereign parties in the rest of Europe, Salvini had wished his Spanish counterpart an electoral success but in reality not all the political baggage of the Spanish ultra-right similar to that established in Italy, France or Germany. Here in a nutshell is the thought of Abascal and his supporters.

The leader with the gun

Born in 1976 in the Basque Country, Santiago Abascal played for a long time in the center-right Partido Popular before founding Vox, which last April was the protagonist of a first exploit collecting 10% of the votes. Married twice, father of four children, Abascal used to shoot with a Smith & Wesson pistol under his jacket.

Immigration: wall in Ceuta and Melilla

Immigration certainly a factor that has fueled the success of the sovranisti also in Spain; in 2019 landings were 27,500 in the country (less than 55,300 in Greece, more than 9,800 in Italy). Abascal calls for the strengthening of physical barriers in Ceuta and Melilla (the two Spanish enclaves in Africa and passageways for many migrants) with the construction of a real wall (in place of the current metal grids) and more selective flows that favor the came from the former South American colonies to the detriment of Islamic countries. Vox argues that immigration and crime go hand in hand. I always want to know the nationality of those arrested declared the leader.

The memory of Franchism

Abascal firmly rejects the accusations of being a nostalgic Francoist. However, he asked for the abolition of the so-called law on historical memory that aims to erase the legacy of the dictatorship in Spain and especially opposed the recent transfer of the remains of the Caudillo from the Valle de los Caidos memorial. To Franco. establishing a 40-year dictatorship, Abascal recognizes the merit of having saved the country from communism thanks to the civil war.

In Catalonia? A coup

The observers agree that Vox owes much of its success to the tear of Catalonia and the demand for independence from the Generalitat of Barcelona. Abascal defines the independence referendum as a coup d'etat and an injury to the unity of the nation. He therefore calls for the reduction of all the spaces of autonomy of the Spanish regions (starting with Catalonia) and the centralization of powers to the government of Madrid.

Against feminism

No to abortion, no equalization of homosexual marriages to hetero ones, defense of religious traditions and closure of mosques. Religious morality is one of the other key points of Vox's policy. Abascal also declares himself the sworn enemy of feminism, of the #metoo, of the laws on gender violence. It would be like saying that the males have inherent in the DNA the fact of being from the murderers has declared.

Bullfighting national heritage

Final treat: Santiago Abascal proposed the abolition of restrictions on the practice of bullfighting and hunting. If the latter is interpreted in an environmentalist key (hunters protect human activities and preserve the equilibrium of nature), bullfighting instead is seen as a national cultural heritage that must be defended against attacks by radical chic progressives.

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