Elections in Spain, the results


The seats in Spain for the general elections closed, the second one called in the solar year 2019 (the last date back to April). The survey released by the Rtve TV network immediately after the socialists in the lead but still lacking the majority to govern, exactly as in the previous consultation. Prime Minister Sanchez's party retreats from 28.7 to 26 ahead of the People who recover more than 3 percentage points and rise to 20%. Vox's ultra-right jump that would go from 10 to 14% becoming the third political force in the country. The liberals of Ciudadanos are bad, falling to 7-8% halving the consensus. Podemos recovered instead of 14% (2 points more).

A first estimate of seats (in Spain we vote with a pure proportional system and a 3% barrier) attributes to the socialists 112-118 seats in Parliament out of 350 (against 123 in April), about ninety to the popular (they were 66) e well over 50 in Vox (he was 24, so he doubled it). Based on this scenario, neither of the two blocks, the center-left (Psoe and Podemos) or the center-right (popular, Vox, Ciudadanos) would have a majority. If this outcome were confirmed, the Catalan independence parliamentarians would be the balance.

The turnout has been declining for the whole day compared to the previous round since April 2109: at 18.00 56.8% of those entitled had gone to the seats, against 60.7 six months ago.

The new elections were convened after a majority was not formed in those of April 28 to give birth to a government. To get out of the political stalemate, Prime Minister Pedro Snchez has called new general elections, the fourth in four years. There are about 37 million voters called to the polls to choose 350 deputies and 208 senators (the Senate, however, in Spain does not vote confidence in the government).

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