Elections in Spain, exit polls: Vox's sovereign right wing flies, doubling the seats. Giorgia Meloni rejoices


THE socialists win the elections in Spain, even if they do not get the majority of seats, i Pp popular advance, while flies the extreme right of Vox, that becomes third party. This is what emerges from the exit polls conducted at the closure of the polls. According to the exit polls released by RTVE, the outgoing socialists of the premier Pedro Sanchez they would have between 114 and 119 seats, well below the 176 needed for the absolute majority, and down compared to the current 123. The People's Party follows with 85-90, up from the current 66. Vox's ultra-right boom, which would have between 56 and 59 seats, more than double compared to the current 24. The exit polls also give the centrists of Ciudadanos a very strong drop, which would stop at 14-15 seats against the 57 they had obtained in April. Podemos also downhill, which would have between 30 and 34 seats, against the 42 it had in the outgoing Parliament. Three seats for the new formation of the left Mas Pais.

"At the Spanish elections, a great affirmation of Vox, an ally of Fratellid'Italia in the group of European Conservatives", rejoices Giorgia Meloni. "On unity and national sovereignty no compromises are made … in Spain, as in Italy, consistency pays".

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