Eight and a half, Annalisa Cuzzocrea accuses Pd and Di Maio: "Self-sabotage in the government"


A case of "self-sabotage" in the government. TO Half past eight studio guest is Annalisa Cuzzocrea, journalist of Republic which for years has followed closely the 5 Star Movement. "The government – he explains – has a very serious fault". We talk about Ilva, which has triggered a dramatic crisis that threatens to overwhelm not only Taranto and Italian industrial production, but also the executive itself.

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"The Pd he says he did not understand that if he removed the penal shield ArcelorMittal he was leaving Taranto, it is complicated not to understand him, we had written him. The government must understand what it wants to do, Di Maio he had an absurd role in all this, he is the creator of everything ", Cuzzocrea concludes lapidary.

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