Earthquake in Balsorano, strong shock: 4.4



The Civil Protection has equipped a possible reception area in the Balsorano school. Carried a heat pump with generator (there is no gas) and cots. Only as a precaution if some new problems arise in the night. On 8 November schools closed in Avezzano.

The civil defense is bringing fifty camp beds and blankets also to Villavallelonga to equip bowling alley and gym to reception area.


Following the seismic event at 6.35 pm, which took place today 7 November 2019, with its epicenter near Balsorano, having been perceived also in the municipal territory of Tagliacozzo, the municipality has ordered the closure of schools of all levels for the day of 8 November.

The closure of the schools, falling under the jurisdiction of the municipal administration of Tagliacozzo, will allow the municipal technicians to carry out the due checks on the school structures.


An earthquake was recorded from the Seismic Hall of the Ingv in Rome at 18.35 with epicenter in Balsorano.

The quake, of local magnitude equal to 4.4 has been distinctly felt by the population, in the whole province of Aquila, in the provinces of Chieti and Pescara and on the Lazio side, up to Rome.

Epicenter 5km south-east of Balsorano, in the Valle Roveto (Marsica), at a depth of 14 km.

Already last night they had occurred two earthquakes, magnitudes 2.8 and 2.5 respectively, again with their epicenter in Balsorano. Today the schools were closed as a precaution in the Municipalities of Balsorano and San Vincenzo Valle Roveto.

Earthquake in Balsorano, no damage

«There is no damage to things or people. As a common we have already taken steps to activate the Coc to manage any critical issues ", explained the first citizen Antonella Buffone.

"In the afternoon, after it seismic swarm this night, we had reviewed ours municipal emergency plan, to view hypothetical problems and take stock of the gathering areas in our area. The population had already been alerted, because of last night's shocks. For precautionary reasons today had been closed thereand schools of all levels».

Earthquake in Balsorano, seismic sequence different from that of central Italy

It is a different seismic sequence from that of central Italy to have triggered the earthquake that occurred on the border between Abruzzo and Lazio.

"This is another fault system"The seismologist told ANSA Alessandro Amato, of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv). "It is however – he continued – an area of ​​high seismic hazard". In this same area, the Avezzano earthquake of 1915 and two other important historical earthquakes occurred in the frusinate in 1654 and further south, towards Molise, in 1349. "In the last hours – the seismologist said – it had registered in the area of ​​seismicity, with some small shocks and now we are seeing small replicas ”.

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