Earthquake in Abruzzo: in the night the earth still trembles, schools closed in 9 Municipalities


After the tremor tremor recorded yesterday of magnitude 4.4 in Abruzzo and felt quite well both in the capital and in some areas of Campania, tonight at 00:19 another shock was felt of magnitude 3.5 felt in the province of L'Aquila. Schools closed in Ciociaria and in 9 Municipalities of the affected area will remain, many inconveniences on the AV trains.

Let's see exactly what's going on

The tremor that occurred tonight at 12:19 am of magnitude 3.5 has the same epicenter of the 4.4 magnitude quake that occurred yesterday at 6.30 pm and that is a few kilometers south east of Balsorano, on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo. After the 18:30 earthquake there were three shocks, two very close, one at 22.39 with a magnitude of 2.6 and one at 22.40 with a magnitude 2.3 with depths ranging from 11 to 14 meters, the Sora epicenters and Pescosolido.

We want to say that the shock that took place yesterday was felt also in the two Roman and Campania capitals, in the lower Lazio and from Frosinone to Cassino, very strong in Sora.

In the capital of Campania he felt strong in the residential area of ​​Chiaia and on the waterfront area, felt and felt very well by those living on the upper floors.

ML 4.4 earthquake in Abruzzo, warned in Rome and Naples

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