Dying on the road: accidents are a scourge


Road accidents 2018 in the Italian provinces: in the Campobasso one reached the EU 2020 target

In 2018, there were 172,553 accidents on Italian roads with injuries to people, resulting in 3,334 deaths and 242,919 injuries. Respectively 472 accidents, 9 dead and 665 injured, on average, every day.

The provincial statistics drawn up by Aci and Istat, indicate Genoa as a "black jersey" in the sad list of road deaths (+37 victims, due to the collapse of the Ponte Morandi). Followed by Bari, with 24 more deaths, Brescia (+22), Messina (+19), Chieti (+15) and Vercelli (+13).

"White shirt", instead, for Modena and Foggia,
where 18 fewer deaths were recorded. Follow Cuneo and Trapani (-16), Asti,
Caserta and Taranto (-15).

Six provinces have already reached the EU 2020 target. While in our country, compared to 2010, the
number of road accident deaths decreased by only 19% on average
Agrigento is among the very few Italian provinces that have already reached
the EU target to reduce accident fatalities by 50% by 2020

Agrigento has reported a 78% decline to date. The other provinces that have achieved this important goal are: Barletta-Andria-Trani (-66%), L’Aquila and Campobasso (-52%), Taranto (-51%) and Terni (-50%).

Mortality rate

South Sardinia (6.5 deaths per 100 accidents),
Vibo Valentia (6.2), Vercelli (6), Benevento (5.3) and Catanzaro (5.1) are the
provinces where the mortality rate was higher (on average 1.9
deaths per 100 accidents). In other 12 provinces (Aosta, Sondrio, Rieti,
Frosinone, Chieti, Caserta, Foggia, Potenza, Matera, Cosenza, Crotone, Enna)
the index exceeds the value of 4 deaths for every 100 accidents, resulting (beyond
Oristano), more than twice the national average.

Milan, Monza, Rimini and Ascoli-Piceno, however,
they are the provinces where accidents are less serious. The mortality rate,
in fact, it is less than 1 death per 100 accidents.

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