Dritto e Rovescio, rissa-choc between Vauro and Brazil: "Fascio di mer ***", "Puzzi di vino". Del Debbio intervenes


Scenes never seen before, or almost, a Straight and Reverse, the program of Paolo Del Debbio on Rete 4. On the metaphorical ring, the communist Vauro and "the fascist" – as presented by the broadcast – Massimiliano Minnocci, called Er Brasiliano or Brazil, ultra of Rome with rather turbid past "discovered" by Giuseppe Cruciani to La Zanzara. Everything comes from a comparison between the Brazilian and Francesca Fagnani. There was talk of racism and discrimination and Minnocci was introduced in the studio: "The Great Return of Brazil", says Del Debbio. At that point Fagnani condemns the entrance on the scene: "We missed him …". Words that the Brazilian does not like too much, so much so that he railes against Fagnani. Among the various, addressing Fagnani, he said: "Let's start from the assumption that Rome is not fascist, Rome is my home and order and discipline are at home. You have to do what I tell you. "And she:" In which film do things work like this ". Minnocci:" In which movie? I'll show you the movies! If he comes to my township … ".

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Words, the latest from Minnocci, interpreted by Vauro as a threat to Fagnani. So much so that the communist cartoonist is tripped upright, going to meet the huge Brazilian. So Vauro started shouting: "These are threats! Show me to me, bundle of mer ***! Shame on you! Threatens a woman, but are we crazy?". At that point, the intervention of Del Debbio was required, which prevented the situation from degenerating, inviting Vauro to sit in his place and asking "Brazil" to resize the tones. "Either you recover, or I throw you both out – the conductor blurted out, claiming that Fagnani had no need to be defended – he didn't threaten anything. Fagnani defends herself, she's used to the Spada clan, yes if you are afraid of Brazil ". The curtain falls on a crazy television moment.

Vauro vs er Brazilian to Dritto and Rovescio, the video:

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