Dritto e Rovescio, fire clash between Vauro and Brazil: "Fascio di m …"


Moments of great tension during the episode of 7 November last of Straight and Reverse, Network 4 evening study program. The comparison between one of the characters in the studio audience, introduced by Paolo Del Debbio as a native of the capital, and the journalist Francesca Fagnani, made the cartoonist alter Vauro Senesi who, in front of the words addressed to the woman, faced a hard snout the man.

The topic addressed during the evening is one of the hottest of recent times. When it comes to racism is discrimination the Italian people are divided into two factions, and what often happens in everyday life has also occurred in Rete 4 studies. Paolo Del Debbio, who was discussing the discussion together with the guests of Dritto and Rovescio, asked one of those present in the audience, this "Brazil", to have his say about it.

"The great return of "Brazil …": with these words the face of Mediaset presented the young man, without hiding a certain irony. "We lacked 'Brazil' …", Added Francesca Fagnani, immediately picked up by the latter who began to rail against her in a bad way.

"Let's start from the assumption that Rome is not fascist, Rome is my home and at home there is order and discipline. You have to do what I tell you", Explained" Brazil ", while Fagnani wondered in which movie"Things worked this way. "In which movie? I'll show you the movies! If he comes to my township …", The Roman continued, but in front of these expressions the cartoonist Vauro started on his feet.

Going to meet him hard, he shouted: "These are threats! Show me to me, shit! Shame on you! Threatens a woman, but are we crazy ?!". Immediateintervention by Paolo Del Debbio who, in order to prevent the situation from degenerating, invited Vauro to sit in his place and ordered him and "Brazil" to downsize. "Either you recover, or I throw you both out – the conductor blurted out, claiming that Fagnani had no need to be defended -. He didn't threaten anything. Fagnani defends herself, is accustomed to the Spada clans, imagine if she is afraid of "Brazil"'.

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