Dritto e Rovescio, Brazil attacks Francesca Fagnani and Vauro shoots: "Fascist of mer **. Shame on you, threaten a woman"


Moments of live tension a Straight and Reverse in the episode of Thursday 7 November. In the talk of Network 4 led by Paolo Del Debbio racist choirs were discussed in the stadiums and new phenomena of discrimination in the cities and the journalist were in the studio Francesca Fagnani, the cartoonist Vauro Senesi it's a man of Rome who calls himself Brazil (but his real name is Massimiliano Minnocci of the township of Pietralata) and that on the social profile of the transmission is described as a fascist. The comparison quickly took on very bright tones: "She laughs, there is little to laugh about. Rome is not fascist, Rome is my home. In my hamlet there is order and discipline. You have to do what I tell you"Says Brazil in a harsh tone to Fagnani who replies asking him what film they have seen, given the constant presence of the police in the area. "No movies. I'll show them to the movies ", then the Roman tells her.

Words that trigger the reaction of Vauro Senesi, who gets up from his chair and heads towards Brazil in a threatening way, stopping a few centimeters from his face: "Show me the films, bundle of mer **. These are threats. Shame on you! Threaten a woman", says to him. To annoy the cartoonist was not only the tone of voice used by the man towards Fagnani but also the way in which he defined as "his" a township in Rome. It is up to the landlord, Del Debbio, to intervene to calm the spirits and bring the order back to the studio: the host in fact brought Vauro back to his place, asking him to let the Fagnani continue the confrontation.

"Either you recover or I'll throw you both out. He didn't threaten anything. Fagnani defends itself. She is used to frequenting the Swords, "he says. "I'm used to Casamonica" confirms the host of Belve, thus stating that she had no difficulty in managing Brazil. And so the broadcast resumes.


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