Drama on the rails Pensioner dies run over by a train


VICENZA. Drama just before 13 on the tracks of the Vicenza-Schio railway line. A pensioner died after being hit by a train in transit, in the Anconetta area. According to the reconstruction made by Polfer agents it would be a tragic accident. The man, perhaps due to a distraction, emerged from his plot that borders on the railway line just at the moment when a convoy arrived from Schio traveling towards Vicenza.

Rail traffic remained suspended from 12.47 to 14.30 due to judicial investigation. Trenitalia has activated a replacement service with buses between Cavazzale and Vicenza. The trains traveling have experienced delays of up to 70 minutes.

Trains directly involved:

R 5470 Schio (12:09) – Vicenza (12:51)

Canceled trains:

R 5477 Vicenza (13:52) – Schio (14:38)
R 5479 Vicenza (14:09) – Schio (14:57)

Partially canceled trains:

R 5472 Schio (13:09) – Vicenza (13:51): limited to Cavazzale (13:36)
R 5475 Vicenza (13:09) – Schio (13:57): originated from Cavazzale (13:22)
R 5474 Schio (14:09) – Vicenza (14:51): origin from Thiene (14.21)

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