Does Naples sell team leaders? That's how much De Laurentiis could cash in. Who stays and who goes


The club studies the future between possible sales and confirmations. At the moment Carlo Ancelotti cannot be touched, but the name Roberto De Zerbi is already mentioned for the future.

These are difficult days for the Naples, the fans are "desperate" because the season has just started and yet it seems already over despite a qualification close to the knockout stages of the Champions League and a respectable squad that could easily fall into the top four positions. And instead chaos reigns with De Laurentiis which has issued a press release until a later date. In this void, of course, market rumors are coming. Who stays and who goes. According to some press agencies Mertens ('87) e Callejon ('87) will not renew with Naples and therefore I am destined to go away. In June they would leave the blue team on a free transfer, while if they had to leave at January, De Laurentiis could still cash in a few million. For Mertens there is talk of Inter, for Callejon there is no lack of proposals from China. For both we are talking about 15 million and therefore Naples could potentially collect 30. Difficult, but not impossible. But let's go see the rose.

The rose of Naples 2019-2020

PORTIERI – Meret, Ospina, Karnezis. They will all be confirmed!

DEFENSORS – Di Lorenzo, Hysaj, Malcuit, Manolas, Koulibaly, Maksimovic, Luperto, Tonelli, Ghoulam, Mario Rui.

Koulibaly ('91) will remain at least until June, then it could be sold: a 150 million clause will be issued, but with an offer of 70-80 million De Laurentiis will take it seriously. Hysaj ('94) could go away in January for about 18 million, there is the Rome that insists. Ghoulam, instead, he too on the starting foot, could go on loan in January to find continuity and confidence and then at the end of the year find another club ready to invest at least 20 million.

midfielders – Allan, Fabian Ruiz, Zielinski, Callejon, Elmas, Gaetano, Ciciretti.

Allan ('91), instead, who asked for a renewal that never arrived after the failed transition to PSG in January, will probably go away. We need an offer of 40 50 million. For Fabian Ruiz Real Madrid could offer 70 80 million. Zielinski, on the other hand, should renew.

FORWARDS – Milik, Insigne, Mertens, Lozano, Younes, Llorente.

Insigne ('91) was on the starting foot already this year and Mino Raiola is already looking around. In June it should go away and Naples could also be satisfied with 50 million euros. Younes, Milik and Lozano should stay. Llorente chapter aside, a lot will depend on Carlo Ancelotti. In short, ultimately, here is who should stay: Meret, Ospina, Karnezis; Di Lorenzo, Malcuit, Manolas, Maksimovic, Luperto, Tonelli, Mario Rui (he too could go away); Zielinski, Elmas, Gaetano; Younes, Lozano, Milik. From the transfers the Napoli could cash in many millions (potentially over 300, but clearly it is almost impossible that De Laurentiis will sell all the big names) to completely re-found the team. For the bench one of the hottest names is Roberto De Zerbi, a former Italian soccer player. But at the moment Carlo Ancelotti cannot be touched. And in January other midfielders could arrive.

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