Does De Laurentiis say enough to expensive coaches? Check an exception! De Biasi if Ancelotti jumps


The president of Naples looks to the future both as regards the squad and as regards the technical guide: Ancelotti in the balance.

Big disappointment in the house Naples after the recent results between the league and Champions League. On the one hand the momentary seventh place that does not sleep soundly at De Laurentiis (who needs the fourth place that is worth the participation in the next Champions League) in a key budget, and on the other the second place in the group E of the maximum competition for club that leaves a bit of a bitter taste in his mouth because if Napoli had beaten the Salzburg it would already be mathematically in the eighth finals.

And so the club reflects not only on the renewal of the rose, but also on the technical guide: waiting to discover the future of Carlo Ancelotti, Tuttosport outlines the hypotheses for the Naples bench. It is unlikely that De Laurentiis will still rely on celebrated and expensive technicians, although it could make an exception only for Luciano Spalletti who will still need to get rid of Inter. The role of ferryman could be covered by the coach Gianni De Biasi.

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