Dodge was wrong to mount the front wheels on some Challengers and Charger


Dodge took a gigantic blunder: the manufacturer mounted the wrong front wheels on nearly two hundred Dodge Challengers and Chargers. A big problem, because now there are 173 vehicles with incompatible wheels around. Dodge had to launch a recall of the problem vehicles.

The wheels in question are simply incompatible with the two models involved in the problem. A part of the brake calipers risks touching the articulated spindle heavily of the car. To be precise, the problem concerns 62 Challenger and 111 Charger. All models of 2019.

The problem would not even specifically concern the circles, but would manifest itself only when one is chosen particular combination of rims and brakes.

"This combination of rims and brakes", note the NHTSA report,"they should not have been an option available to customers".

"The contact between the front brakes and the suspension pivot point could produce tire damage and a sudden loss of pressure", with all the risks that an accident of this kind could cause to the safety of the driver and passengers.

Fortunately, to date there are no reports of accidents caused by this incompatible wheel / brake combination.

Now Dodge will replace the "Mild Gloss Black Wheel.""with another compatible model. The front brakes will be inspected and, if necessary, replaced or adjusted. Dodge will contact affected customers at the beginning of December.

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