Do not show up in Emilia Romagna. He thinks of Maio


Do not show up in Emilia Romagna. Not to risk another Electoral Kobold. But above all to pave the way for the Democratic Party and avoid a slap that could cost the life of the Government. It is a dossier that in the last hours has arrived on the table of Luigi Di Maio, and on which a serious reasoning has opened. A radical change of course. Because just at the beginning of the week the line was radically different: "We have to start running again to bring citizens into institutions, as it used to be," the political leader explained to his collaborators. And on the historic red region a man very close to him made the following reasoning: "If we stand alone we take votes to the right, because our electoral basin does not erode any consensus on the left. So let's do the Pd a favor anyway, taking away votes from the League ”.

An assumption, to put it mildly, not very solid. Massimo Bugani, the historic regional exponent of the Movement, was the first to break the banks. "For me personally at this time it is better not to present oneself – explained the former member of Di Maio's cabinet – It is a matter of seriousness. Sometimes starting over from scratch is a great sign, in life as in politics ". Some, among the 5 stars, saw the release of Bugani as a provocation after the misunderstandings in recent months with the pentastellato leader. "It is not so – a source close to the political leader tells Huffpost – We did not know about the release of Max, but the option has been under evaluation for some days".

It is no coincidence that today a big man like Stefano Patuanelli has intervened on the theme: "At the local level, looking at the 8 Regions to vote in 2020, we must reflect. Perhaps it is better not to apply in all the regions. We must evaluate each case ". The decision has not yet been made. Di Maio will meet again the parliamentarians of Emilia Romagna and Calabria next week. Even in the southern region the situation is under consideration, but it is inclined to run alone. In the historical feud of the Democratic Party all the options are possible. Some regional councilors would favor the alliance with the Democratic Party, a hypothesis which was rejected by the entire parliamentary group. Which, however, for the moment has not been set aside for Plan B, that of not running at all. An extreme decision, which has already been adopted in other cases (read Sardinia), but which in this case would have only one real motivation: to lend a hand to the Democratic Party and stop the landslide which, in case of defeat, could fall on the government.

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