Disputing Naples fans to the players, the perfect revenge of De Laurentiis


The players desert the retreat after the race with Salzburg and return to their homes when they were expected by the company bus that would return them to Castel Volturno.
A firm stance on the part of the players towards the company, but which cannot fail to trigger a series of chain reactions not only by the president, who in fact has announced that he will legally protect himself for economic and image damage.

Without going into detailed legal matters, let's try to simplify everything:

Since the president De Laurentiis, who could trivially define the one who pays millionaire salaries in the pockets of the players, has decided (in a more or less shareable by the latter) to bring the team into retreat, the members of the rose had the duty to do what was communicated by their employer.

The aspect probably underestimated by the players when they decided to take a taxi and go home, was not to fail in contractual obligations, of which they were probably conscious, but to 'turn their backs' on a third party to whom they are not linked by a written contract, but through a moral duty, legally less dangerous but certainly not negligible in many other aspects not to be underestimated: the fans!

Disputing Naples today 7 November

Disputing Naples Ultras San Paolo November 7th

An aspect that of young overpaid soccer players used to train and take the field and little else, in the chaos of a locker room have probably underestimated, but that an entrepreneur of the caliber of Aurelio De Laurentiis has taken good account of, and has not hesitated to use in its favor.

The statement that formalized the silence of the press, the recourse to legal actions against the mutineers, and that appointed new persons responsible for possible decisions of future withdrawals, led to a sort of hedgehog closure of the club towards the outside, desirable given the period in to say the least delicate.

Everything was presuming that, precisely because of this closure to the outside, the statement of cancellation of training open to the supporters of this afternoon arrived.

And here is the checkmate of De Laurentiis: confirmed training!

The message to the team is clear: now go and put your face on it! Take responsibility for your choices in front of the fans who pay to see you play, and who barely reach you later this month.

The Ultras Naples gather outside the San Paolo and to the sound of choirs they strongly contest the team, and upon entering the pitch, the players are overwhelmed with whistles and insults.

While waiting for news from his lawyers, instead of sending them back to retirement, De Laurentiis sends the players to the fans.

Game, set and match!

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