Disney enters the streaming war. And he has every intention of winning it


When as a young assistant on the ABC TV network, he was sent by a well-known person half body lover of breaks at the bar between a newsletter and the other to check if there were updates for the next appointment with the cameras. The boy who had been up until then TV with the weather forecast in the north of the state of New York hurried to the room of the producer who in response … hinge of the trousers by showing off their virility. A shock that still today, he says, makes him furious, but that didn't stop him.

The boy who, among other things, worked as a teenager hardware, such as janitor at school and then at university in the evening as a pizza maker at the fast food chain Pizza Hut, had entered the Abc as a deliveryman at $ 150 a week in the early 1970s.

And he attributes his subsequent, uninterrupted rise to an ultra-determined work ethic, which saw him promoted to general manager of the TV network in the mid-1990s, when it was later taken over by Disney. Iger became the top executive of the entire group below Michael Eisner, who later lost his place among controversies over business errors and excesses at the end of a campaign to remove him driven by the heir and grandson of the group's founder, Roy Disney.

It was Iger who received the reins, who relaunched the then tarnished and troubled giant with a series of effective acquisitions, starting with the already mentioned Pixar, Lucas and Marvel, and with an international expansion, a rejuvenation of the traditional animation division and of film studios.

Among the many bets made, perhaps he regrets only one failure: the merger with Apple. He is still convinced that if Steve Jobs had he survived the illness they would have completed a dream merger together. Today, however, Iger left the Apple board, which has become a direct competitor to Disney in the new great streaming wars.

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