Diktat Marc Marquez: "Honda must give me what I ask"


Marc Marquez warns Honda about the renewal of the contract: "They have to satisfy my requests. The defeat? I don't know what it is for some time".

Marc Marquez sees only Honda in his future, but only on one condition: his requests will have to be accepted. Cervera's multiple champion does not go into detail, but he certainly does not just ask for more money. Easy to think that it wants to dictate the lines of development of the RC213V, to make the bike even more in its image and likeness. HRC seems to have its hands tied and will have no choice but to accept the diktat of its phenomenon. "Without Marquez Honda would take someone else. But I'm also interested in working to improve, my comments are the same as those of Lorenzo and Crutchlow. We are trying to make a bike more competitive for everyone – he told "La Gazzetta dello Sport" – not just for me. But if I win I don't care about others".

It's no secret that Ducati is courting Marc Marquez, after all almost all the manufacturers are on his trail. It is part of the pilot market game, which is already moving slowly. Like on the track, even in the paddock everything seems to depend on the Cervera champion. Once the stay in Repsol Honda is confirmed, the whirlwind of operations can be unleashed. "I have to listen to all the factories, there must be respect. For the moment the priority is Honda, but you have to give everything you ask … We had contacts, I made requests – underlined Marc Marquez -, money is not the priority. Of course they help, but I asked for things "sportingly". If we come to an agreement and give me everything, and I'm convinced of that project, Honda remains the priority".

The 2019 season is a clear example of its supremacy. When he didn't win he finished second, a single fall in Austin due to a trivial mistake, while he was leading the group. Marc Marquez seems to know no defeat. "I have not known defeat for a long time, I don't want to know it (laughs) Surely one day will come, but over the years I have realized that sometimes it takes to win". It forces others to raise the bar further and to experience the boundary of the limit. "Opponents believe they can beat me, this makes me be careful and work harder". He was not born to be second. "I'm here to win, to try to stay ahead. The pilot who is here to run races is not a pilot. Eventually the pilot must have that hunger, when you try it you see that he has good taste and wants it more".

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